Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sole Haven Wellness Center Open House

What a blessing of friends. I say thank you to all of you who took time from your busy schedules to come to pray a blessing on my new Sole Haven Wellness Center location. Again, thank you!

God richly blesses. My husband built me a room to have my Wellness Center in. He created a beautiful peaceful space.

Thank you Vicar Don for leading us in the blessing!

God will lead the way...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Picture of Progress

This Lead Glass piece of art work was made for me by a long time friend, Carol H. It is beautiful and adds peace to the room. Thank you again Carol!

We are getting ready now to lay the tile floor.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you Nutritionally Deficient?

Can a person be nutritionally deficient and over weight? Absolutely, in fact, we are seeing this more and more. The food stuff that we are eating is deficient in nutrients. We no longer have food that has the same value as the foods we ate 50 years ago.

What does this mean for the body over an extended period of time? The following is a list of diseases which are the result of vitamin and mineral deficiency.

1) Calorie Deficiency is a semi-starvation that may be secondary to chronic illness (rheumatic fever, tuberculosis, psychological illness and hyperactive thyroid).

2)Protein Deficiency can occur in infants (rare in USA) who are fed exclusively on diets high in carbohydrates and low in protein of good quality.

3)Scurvy is a disease which results from lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

4)Rickets is due to lack of Vitamin D

5)Vitamin A Deficiency will affect the eyes.

6)Pellagra and Beriberi are associated with corn and rice diets, but seen in the US primarily in people with bizarre food habits and alcoholics. Pellagra results from lack of nicotinic acid, and Beriberi is a lack of thiamine and vitamin B1.

7)Water and sodium/potassium deficiencies resulting in dehydration. Please see an early post on proper hydration for you.

8)Nutritional anemia's are many: iron, iodine, etc.

9)Dental - from poor diet.

How do we overcome these deficiencies? Supplementation. Good supplementation without synthetics. Real Food Technology supplements.

For a Wellness Consultation please schedule at the Book Now button at the top of the blog.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures of Sole Haven

The outside. Obviously it is not done yet. There is still a lot of work to be done. Oh but it feels so close.
The left window will be the corner where the Reflexology chair will be.

Pictures of Sole Haven

These are the beautiful doors that lead into the house. They can open several different ways. The corner area here is where the massage chair will be and where the photoluminescent light therapy will be.

Pictures of Sole Haven

Looking south east. Isn't that finish work beautiful! I have an artist for a husband.

Where the ladder is, is where the foot bath will be. It will be a beautiful view! I need to take a picture where the person will sit for the foot bath so you can see the view.

Pictures of Sole Haven

This is the Far Infared Sauna, shower, and changing room area.

The sauna will be to the left and the shower to the right.

A friend of mine made and gave me a lead glass piece of art that will be in the open space above the door. I can hardly wait for her to see it there.

Grand Opening of the New Location of Sole Haven

Sunday, March 28, 2010, will be the Grand Opening/Open House of the new location of Sole Haven Wellness Center. 2:00pm - 5:00pm, with a Prayer blessing at 3:00pm.

Well, really not a new location. Same address, just a different and separate room that will (hopefully) be done for this celebration.

I will post progress pictures soon.


How much water do I really need? We have heard for years that 8-10 glasses a water a day is right. But I ask you, 'How can that be when you have a 5'4" woman who weights 115 pounds and a 6'4" man who weights 250 lbs?'.

The rule of thumb to remember: 1/2 your body weight in ounces. That is right, you need to drink daily, half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 lbs, whether you are a man or a woman, you will need 75 ounces of water daily.

OH but wait... that is not all... IF you are a caffeine drinker you need to calculate your water intake a little differently. For every ounce of caffeine you take in, you will need to replace it with 2 of the same measurement of water. AND that water will NOT count toward your daily water intake.

Do your brain a favor... Hydrate your body well.

Baffled about Reflexology

Why would working on someone's feet cause effect in another part of your body? Have you ever thought that the bottoms of your feet could be reflex points for each part of your body?

A Reflexologist will by hand or tool, will work the reflex points in the feet, hands or ears, or all three. When a tender spot is found, the Reflexologist will work that spot to break up congestion that is in that area.

Those congested areas short circuit the messages sent by the nervous system to the brain. So when cleaned out by way of Reflexology, your body then can start working in the way that it was created to do so.

If you are not well hydrated, or if the congestion is released too quickly, it can make you uncomfortable, because of the release of toxins from the effected part of the body. This is all good, but you may not want to work through 'detox' quite so fast.

You get to decide how you will work through congestion. Talk with your Reflexologist to help her know how your body responds to the work she is doing.

Foot Reflexology can improve the well being of a person. It also can restore health in conditions that stubbornly resist more conventional approaches.

Frequently I am asked how often should a person have a treatment. My response is that you need to decide how quickly your body can handle detox. Though it is advised that you are seen once a week for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks we can evaluate how you are feeling. The treatment could then go to once a month for 3-6 months and then revisit again. You and your body, and your condition will be the best judge of how often you will need a treatment.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is coming.

Spring is coming quickly, we can see that by the beautiful trees that are blooming pink and white, and the daffodils gloriously beaming in bright yellow.

With spring comes activities, movement and more exercise. With more exercise, we feel our bodies more, and muscles hurt some, or a lot, from movement they hadn't experienced for awhile. And sometimes we hurt our bodies with this new spring movement. For instance you might experience a sprain.

With ReflexoCure, you can help assist your body to heal those injuries very quickly. The quicker you start your reflexoCure on that injured location, the quicker your body will be to heal itself. So let's say that you sprain your ankle, you would work the reflex of the corresponding location on your wrist. You would work it several times a day, especially that first day of injury.

Reflexology is a tool we can use to help our bodies gain health in a natural way. Seek out me or another Professionally Certified Reflexologist to help you find your way to better health.

So if you find yourself, your spouse, your children, family or friends in a sprain this spring, book an appointment with me and I will assist your body to a quicker recovery.

In God's grace,