Monday, September 30, 2013

Wellness for Winter - Add NutriVerus to your morning smoothie - Boost your immune system

Are people falling like flies around you with fall illness already?  Be PRO ACTIVE...

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Food - Whole Food - Its Protective Power - Part 4

Antioxidants by Color - Red

A Phytonutrient Rainbow


Lycopene - Anthocyanins

Benefits - These are good for us in that they protect against cancer (especially prostate) and vision loss, and heart disease.  In addition they can help reduce neuro-degenerative diseases. 

Where can you get this:
Tomatoes, watermelon, goji berries, papaya, cranberries, strawberries, raspberries, cherries, red cabbage... again...  Just think color!

Try adding one of these a day to your intake... Fresh...  whole...  not from a box of any kind. 

... part 5 - Blue/Purple

If you want to continue learning how to regain your health fill out your Health History and let's get started!  I focus on groups of 10-20 people.  Don't wait... submit it today!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Are you starting to get sick or know someone who is sick?

If you are feeling a little low on energy like your body is fighting something pull out your Thieves Essential Oil.  If you don't have any - read about it here - And place your order with me at  My monthly orders are shipped on the 6th of each month so I need your order by 11:59 pm on the 2nd.

If you are around sick people put a couple drops around your neck and breathe it in.  Put a couple drops in a cup of hot water and drink like a tea.  You can add about a tsp of raw, local, organic honey if you want sweet. 

You will be amazed at how quick you will begin to feel better. 

Order yours now - It is a great item to have as we go into winter months.  A way healthier alternative than a flu shot.  

Food - What is Food - Real Food? Kale Salad

Food - Do we really know what REAL food is anymore?

Real - Whole - Food...

Think about it...  Have you had any Real - Whole - Food today?  By that I mean, have you had fresh produce, cut it up, and prepared it how you wanted it, not from a package, or can.

Now you could have gotten it from the freezer, but even then you have to watch the ingredients.  Read the label and find out, has whoever processed that food, in that package, put preservatives on that food?  If they have, then you can't really count it as whole food.  Whole food doesn't have added preservatives.

I find it interesting that there are VERY limited restaurants that have Real - Whole - Foods on their menus.  They try, but what they have isn't really nutrient dense. 

Now don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good restaurants, with good food, and more now with the food network shows promoting good preparation of whole foods, great tasting, chef made, with fresh ingredient, dishes.

But the question is, are there foods that don't have the preservatives, and additives, or even are they non- GMO?

This week I challenge you to add to your daily intake, one fresh piece of green produce.  At best, try preparing it raw, uncooked.  If you can't do that, then just slightly blanch or steam letting it be bright green.  

Here is one idea for a green to add.

Kale Salad

One bunch of Kale - Chop Kale into small pieces
Lemon juice - squeeze the juice of a whole fresh lemon
Lime Juice - squeeze the juice of a whole lime
sunflower seeds - 1/4 cup of sprouted raw seeds
red onion - chop desired amount of red onion (to your liking)
grated Ginger  - small amount of grated ginger

mix with hands - massage it kind of squeezing the kale (this breaks down the kale a bit and makes the flavors of it soften.

Add whatever else you would like - here are a few ideas
gogi berries
hemp hearts
nutritional yeast
olive oil
sea salt

Then toss if you add these items or more.  Plate and enjoy!!

Fill out the form and then schedule your Holistic Health history with Lynn today!  The appointment can be done via the internet, google chat, skype, or at her practice location if you live in the Portland, Oregon area.  These appointments are held in the evenings and weekends, Pacific Time. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Investor Request - Are you interested in the health of our country and have money to invest?

If there are any investors out there who would want to invest in a great idea to bring wonderful, health, good tasting, whole food to travelers around the US, contact me. 

I have a great idea, that I believe is wanted, desired, and needed in our airports, (Just to start). 

Being a Raw plant based Foodist now since February 2013, AND traveling a lot, it has been eye opening, on how lacking the choices are for nutrient dense Raw foods. 

If travelers had these choices, they would not only fill their tummies with great nutrition, they would also feel better while traveling. 

I have the knowledge of Holistic Health and vision for this endeavor - You have the money and potentially other talents and expertise to add. 

I would love to chat with you about this Vision and Business Plan. 

Food - Whole Food - Its Protective Power - Part 3

Antioxidants by Color -Orange / Yellow

A Phytonutrient Rainbow

Orange / Yellow

Carotenes - Xanthophylls

Benefits - Vitamin A has anticancer and heart protective properties and it protects the mucous membranes.  Vitamin A also protects the eyes and brain and strengthens the immune system.

Where can you get this:
Peppers, squashes, carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, oranges, grapefruit.  Red Fish (salmon) eggs, and again you can probably think of more.  Just think color!
Try adding one of these a day to your intake... Fresh...  whole...  not from a box of any kind. 

... part 4 - Red

If you want to continue learning how to regain your health fill out your Health History and let's get started!  I focus on groups of 10-20 people.  Don't wait... submit it today!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thyroid Function - Is your Thyroid Function off?

In my 20's and early 30's I had Hashimotos and Hyperthyroidism, and for the most part didn't know.  At 36, and pregnant they found a nodule on my thyroid.  It was folicular and papillary carcinoma.  Since that time I have learned a lot about thyroid issues and how to live without a thyroid.

If your thyroid is not functioning properly you may want to consider changing some things in your diet.  You are what you eat, and our endocrine system takes a huge hit from the 'food like substances' we as a society eat.

Don't take your body for granted.  Can food really heal my body?  Yes, REAL food can.  If you have questions and would like guidance to regain heal.  Schedule an appointment with me.  It doesn't matter where you live, we can have a phone consultation, or skype.

Thyroid info and nutrition you can change to improve your thyroid function. 

Selenium: Produces and regulates the T3 hormone and is a mineral critical for the proper functioning of your thyroid gland. It can be found in foods such as shitake mushrooms and brazil nuts.

Zinc, Iron and Copper: You only need these minerals in trace amounts. If you have low levels of zinc, your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) can show low.  If you have iron deficiencies, you could have a decreased thyroid efficiency. Copper helps the production of thyroid hormones. Foods such as, spinach, mushrooms, turnip greens and Swiss chard are great to have in your diet to help get these minerals into your body.

Omega-3 Fats: We know play a huge role in endocrine health and especially thyroid function.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is made up of mostly medium-chain fatty acids and has many different health modes.  Just taking a tablespoon a day of Coconut oil is healthy for many funcitions within your body, one of which may help to increase metabolism, along with thyroid benefits.

Antioxidants and B Vitamins: Oxidative stress can damage the thyroid.  So by adding antioxidants and B Vitamins your body will neutralize the oxidative stress in your body helping your entire endocrine system, especially your thyroid function.  The manufacture of thyroid hormone in the body can be promoted by vitamin B intake and plays an important role in healthy thyroid function.

Stay away from soy, gluten and aspartame, for thyroid function but for any reason.  Soy and aspartame should not be part of anyone's diet.  


To make an appointment to help you regain the health you desire go to my Booking site.   Please fill out a Health History for the first appointment.  Book TODAY and get started toward improved health and your goals now!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Food - Whole Food - Its Protective Power - Part 2

Antioxidants by Color - Green

A Phytonutrient Rainbow

Lutein - Chlorophyll - Indoles

Benefits - boosts immunity, protects your eyes, supports the circulatory system of the blood, and gives you glowing healthy skin and tissue.

Detoxifies and rebuilds blood and collagen.

Anti-cancer properties and helps support a health hormone balance.  (wonder why we have hormone issues... think about the foods we are faced with... why are children faced with depression, add, adhd?  It is a lack of hormone balance in the body because of the lack of the right foods)

Where can you get this:
Kale!!! Wonderful food, collard greens, cucumber, zucchini, peas, avocado, asparagus, green beans, leafy greens, sprouted grasses, spirulina, artichokes.  And I am sure you can think of more greens.

Try adding one of these a day to your intake... Fresh...  whole...  not from a box of any kind. 

... part 3 - Orange/Yellow

If you want to continue learning how to regain your health fill out your Health History and let's get started!  I focus on groups of 10-20 people.  Don't wait... submit it today!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Raw Plant Based 6 month group session Starting November 4, 2013

Would you like to heal your body from the inside out?

Have you toyed with the idea of eating Raw Plant based foods but didn't quite know how to go about it?

You can do it now with a group session and support from me.

This is the starter Raw Plant Based Program, and is 6 months, 2 - 75 minute group sessions a month program via internet - from wherever your location may be. 

Seating is limited to keep it somewhat intimate.  It will start November 4, 2013, and will be an on-line class.  Sign up NOW to get your seat reserved.  

If you would like to reserve your seat, please fill out a Health History form on line submit it.  Or print and email it to

Reservations DUE: October 15, 2013.  So HURRY and get yours in.  Early registration, October 1, 2013, with full payment, receives a 15% discount; with 1/2 down receives 10% off the 1/2 down. 

Early Registration; full payment with 15% discount = $663
Early Registration; half payment with 10% discount = $351 due at Registration; $390 Due Dec 1, 2013

Registration and half payment by November 1 = $390; $390 Due Dec 1, 2013

The cost for the 12 sessions:  $65 per session = $780
For you: Handouts at each session
Free gifts mailed to you for each session:
For you: a healthier you; both mind and body.

Registration requires Health History form completely filled out with 1/2  money down.
Remaining 1/2 money, due Dec 1, 2013.

1st and 3rd Monday nights: 6pm - 7:15pm PST
November 4, 18
December 2, 16
January 6, 20
February 10, 24 (2nd and 4th week- this month only)
March 3, 17
April 7, 21

Health History form

Monday, September 9, 2013

Food - Whole Food - Its Protective Power - Part 1

We have become so far removed from what real food is, by way of advertisements.  Have you ever paid attention to what those ads do to your desire by listening and watching them?  Those advertisers know that.  That is why they do it.

Try paying attention to when you see an ad and what you might eat over the following 24 hours, or desire to eat.

Is it 'real food' or is it the food like substance you just saw in the ad.  If what you eat comes in a box, it is not real food.  It is not, most likely going to be healthy for you.  Are there more than 3 ingredients?  Put it back and go to the outer skirts of the grocery store.

In this series of blogs I am going to be going through the Rainbow of phytonutrients.  Writing about the Antioxidants by the color of the food.  If we learn to look at our food, real food, by color and what it can help in our bodies we can slowly regain the health in our country.

It really is not more expensive to eat healthy.  How expensive is it to miss work, pay a co-pay at a Dr office, or even for your pharmaceuticals?  When you heal your body through the foods you eat, and give your body the nutrients it needs, you will eat the right amounts.  When you eat the 'food like substances' that are void of nutrients, your body is craving more, so you eat more, but still... it lacks nutrients, so the body starts demanding more.  Hence the situation of the undernourished over fed society we live in.

But how do we do this, how do we know what to eat and be healthy?  We have been told so many untruths about food that it is hard to decypher what to eat.

In my group sessions I guide people to learn how to do that.  To know.  To understand.  To gain health. 

...  part 2 - phytonutrient Green

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reflexology - Holistic Health - Essential Oils - Real Food Supplements - Group sessions

Wow... that is a lot to try to understand.  This is what I do...

I am a Reflexologist.  So that means I work on the reflex points on your feet, hands, ears.  Mainly I work on your feet.  You don't come to me because your feet hurt.  That is not what I do.  Although your feet may hurt because something in your body is not working as it should. 

I work on the feet to help your body to heal and clear up 'clogged' points of health in your body.  Have you ever questioned when you cut yourself that the cut would heal?  There is a lot we take for granted that our bodies do, but then we forget that our bodies can do so much to stay healthy when given the right 'tools' to do so.  So me working on your feet will help your body to 'get right'.  The process may sometimes be slow, but that is how our bodies work.

Helping people gain health by way of Reflexology is rewarding.  But then the old issue may come up again so then they think that Reflexology did nothing to help.  When in reality, what you do after the appointment is important.  If you go and do the 'same ole same ole', your body is going to go back to the same point of ill health. 

That is why I studied with IIN to become a Holistic Health Practitioner on top of Reflexology.

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner. I want to help you gain whole health.  So yes, reflexology can help you on many levels, but all the other things that go on with your body need guidance too, to get to that level of health you desire and stay there and even continue to gain more and more health over time. 

I am Certified with Essential Oils and a Supplement specialist.  Our bodies are amazing and can heal, given the right food.  God's medicine is the whole food's He gave us in the real form He gave them to us, and the Living Essential Oils in nature He gave us too.  Since we have been driven away from 'real food' and really eat more 'Food Like Substances', and even our real food has been nutritionally depleted, I have a line of NON-Synthetic Real Food supplements.  The main product is our Ambrotose - the food for our cells, 8 glyconutrients. 

So how is it I help you now.  I like to approach you and what you might be dealing with on a whole person level.  Each of the 4 parts I offer, Reflexology, Holistic Health, Living Essential Oils and Real Food Supplements are what I have put together to guide you to living healthier, feeling better, healing. 

We can "WalkToHealth(with)me" together.  And one step at a time get you closer to your health goals. 

If you have a group of 10 -20 people who desire being healthier, happier, and to get off some prescriptions over time, contact me.  I have a 6 month program that I offer.  We would meet 2 times a month for 90 minutes as a group for 6 months.  This program can be done via internet, or in person if you are in my area.  But we can do this together no matter where you live.

I integrate much of what I do in all that I do with you.  Go to my booking site to get an idea of what I offer and schedule your treatment today.  The holistic group sessions are not listed on that page.  Those are scheduled separate from that calendar on a group by group time set. is also on Facebook.  Like my page!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Purification Essential Oil - September Featured Oil

September's Featured Oil - When we close up our doors and windows because the weather is getting cooler, it traps the air in our homes and causes stale air, and that becomes 'dirty' air.  Purification helps to 'clean' the air within our homes.

Diffuse, use, put on you, Purification Essential Oil Blend and clean the air of your home, work environment or where ever.

Order before October 2 at 11:59pm.  To place your order with mine.  $25 plus shipping.  email me at  OR set up your own account with me by going to my Essential Oils link.

Purification Essential Oil - 15 ml
Purification® can be used directly on the skin to cleanse and soothe insect bites, cuts, and scrapes. When diffused, it helps to purify and cleanse the air from environmental impurities including cigarette smoke and other disagreeable odors.

How to use: For topical or aromatic use. Diffuse, apply topically on location as needed, or put on cotton balls to place in air vents of home, car, hotel room and office. Diffuse and rub on feet for cleansing. Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. Dilution not required; suitable for all but the most sensitive skin. Generally safe for children over 2 years of age. 

Ingredients: Citronella (Cymbopogon nardus), lemongrass (Cymbopogon flexuosus), rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis), Melaleuca (Melaleuca alternifolia) lavandin (Lavandula x hybrida), and myrtle (Myrtus communis).

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Mission 5 Million - Let's join together and help.

We are on a mission to Nourish children the nutrients that they need.  They don't just need to eat, but they need to eat nutrients.  We need to change the world and help people understand that consuming 'food' doesn't mean you are nourished.  We as a nation are consuming too much of the wrong foods. 

So by participating in our M5M program you will nourish your own family and a child somewhere in the world in over 24 countries.  M5M = Mannatech 5 Million.  We have a goal to reach 5 million children around the world, giving them the nutrients they need while nourishing your family with synthetic FREE nutrients. 

As of June 2013, more than 12,800,00 servings of PhytoBlend powder to more than 80,000 children in 24 countries, has been the Global Impact thus far by way of MannaRelief.  (MannaRelief is an independent non-profit organization, not owned or operated by Mannatech)

 Read more by going to my link below, and get started today.

Go to my site to get started today!  Help yourself and a child somewhere in the world!