Monday, February 10, 2014

Raw Plant Based Diet - Year one - COMPLETE

February 10, 2013 I started a journey.  I didn't know how long that journey was going to be.  That journey started with a commitment to cleanse my body with a Juice Fast that was going to start on February 10, which was the day after I returned from a business trip, and end on Easter, which was 49 days later.  So a 49 day Juice Fast.

End... what would the end of it look like? 

WHY... WHY would I do this? 

Well to start I was enrolled at the time at IIN, Institute for Integrative Health, and have since graduated and am now a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach.  And so was learning much deeper than I already knew about nutrition and the body, and felt guided by that learning to be able to do this successfully.

In July 2012 I was climbing up the ladder in my barn to get a notebook for a client out of the loft.  As I was almost to the top, the ladder came out from under me.  I caught myself on the edge of the platform with my elbows and hit my rib cage at the stomach level hard.  My son was in there with me and quickly came to put the ladder back under me.  I thank God he was there.  Quite shaken, I went into the house, into the bedroom and sobbed.  I didn't want to fall apart in front of my son.  My elbows were killing me and my gut hurt.  But as par for my course, I didn't go to a Dr.  That was until I had an appointment with a breast Dr. 5 weeks later.  She asked what I had done because there was bruising at the rib cage.  I hadn't noticed.  But what I had noticed was that where my liver lays, felt like there was a sock stuffed in there.  Very uncomfortable.  But again, par for my course, didn't get it checked out.  (my elbows were another story, oyie!)

In November 2012, I did get blood work done and found that my liver panels were at 170, when normal is 20-35.  My Dr assumed that it was because I had been in pain and had taken lots of Tylenol....  HUMMMMmmmm  NOT... I don't take Tylenol because I know it is not good for you.  So then she assumed that it was because I was under a great deal of stress...  HUMMMMmmmm I said "I was unaware that stress effected the liver".  She then said it didn't but that adults who are under stress tend to drink more...  HUMMMMmmmm that may be for an adult who drinks.... I DON'T DRINK...   To that she said...  HUMMMmmmmm  "We will check it again in 4 months".

WOW really???

So I dug deep into why my liver panel was so off.  I found that you can damage your liver in a car accident with impact.  I had had impact on my liver and it had not felt good since hitting it and the bruise that my other Dr. had witnessed 5 weeks after the incident indicated that there may have been laceration to the liver.  In any case, I had damaged my liver and needed to figure out a way to heal it.

I knew I had 4 months before she wanted my blood work again so I had some time to do my research.

Through my school, and research, and also watching Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, I came to the conclusion that I needed to do a juice cleanse.  So off I went.

At the end of the 7 weeks, I did get my blood work done, as that was also the end of the 4 months.  My numbers went from 170 to 20!

At about week 5, I decided, as a result of my schooling and research, that I was going to go Raw Plant based eating through to July 1 and at that time I would re-evaluate again.  I got to July 1 and decided to go to December 31, 2013.  Then I decided to continue to the year mark, February 9, 2014.

And now today, February 10, 2014, is the first day of year 2.  I am going to continue this journey.  I have found many resources to help me and have several prep books for different meals.  ALL wonderful.  I have learned new ways of eating things and making them taste wonderful.  But most of all, my body continues to heal.  My body is stronger and has more energy than it did previously just to name a couple things.  In addition the frequency and intensity of my migraines have become so infrequent that that alone has been a blessing.

Now as a Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, I am able to help you on your journey.  We are all bio-individual and need to learn to listen to our bodies.  As your coach, I will help you and walk beside you in your journey.  For me right now that is Raw Plant Based eating, but that may not be your journey.  My goal is to help you REGENERATE your INNER HEALTH.  It is a Walk, not a run or sprint.

WalkToHealth(with)me.  Schedule your Holistic Health consultation and let's get you on your journey to health.  You can be healthy as you age.  Don't let age or ill health conquer you.  We can turn your body back around to health.  Don't wait until your health is in a critical state.  Given the right and healthy tools, your body can heal. 

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Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Rescue Essential Oils Collection - Your Respiratory & Immune System Kit!

We call the Golden Touch I Kit our "Winter Rescue Collection" because it never fails! Each of the oils in this collection are carefully chosen to rid the body of the winter "crud" while strengthening the Respiratory and Immune System at the same time! The economical price of this kit is unbeatable and that is why it gets our vote for the all time Best Choice for the Cold and Flu Season! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Introducing our favorite winter rescue collection: Golden Touch 1 !

Golden Touch 1™ provides immune protection all throughout the year. The oil blend formulas in this collection have been specifically created to take advantage of essential oil constituents that support many functions of the body. A growing number of today's professionals consider essential oils to be an important component in health care. Refer to individual oil blends for specific benefits.

Contains: Seven Blends (5ml bottles): Di-Gize™, EndoFlex™, JuvaFlex™, Melrose™, Raven™, R.C.™, and Thieves®.

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Thieves®:Thieves is a powerhouse blend that is your number one immune booster during the cold and flu season.  This is Young Living's top selling blend!  For aromatic or topical use. Diffuse for short periods of time (1/2 hour or less) in the work or home environment. Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. Always dilute before applying to the skin or taking internally. Keep out of reach of children.

Raven™ is a combination of deeply soothing therapeutic grade essential oils that will provide comfort when applied topically to the chest and throat or diffused.

R.C.™contains powerful therapeutic-grade essential oils that are invigorating when applied, especially to the chest and throat area.  R.C. is a wonderful blend to diffuse during winter.

Di-Gize™ is a dietary supplement that provides valuable aid for digestive concerns, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It also helps support a healthy digestive system.*


EndoFlex™ can help you maintain overall vitality with a proprietary blend of essential oils that support the endocrine system.*  Sometimes the endocrine system can get overloaded when the body is sick.
For aromatic use. Diffuse, apply topically on chest over lungs and throat, put on pillow at night, use in a suppository application with V-6™ Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex. Alternate with R.C.™. Possible skin sensitivity. If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician. Dilution not required; suitable for all but the most sensitive skin. Do not use on children under age 6.

JuvaFlex™ is a combination of oils that have been studied for their supportive effects on the liver and the digestive and lymphatic systems. It may also support healthy cell function.* JuvaFlex™ works well with JuvaTone® tablets and Di-Gize™ essential oil blend.

Melrose™ provides a protective barrier against skin challenges. When diffused, Melrose can help dispel odors. Melrose is great to use for earaches.  Rub around the ear.  For topical or aromatic use. Diffuse in living areas and workplace. Apply on chest, neck, ears and bottoms of feet. Use with a compress on chest and back.

ImmuPower (NOT INCLUDED IN KIT!)™ 3363  is a powerful blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils that create a fragrant and protective haven while increasing positive energy. When it comes to getting rescued from THIS winter, it really helps.  Apply ImmuPower on the feet when Thieves is applied to the neck.  The next day, switch it. This regimen is known to make the winter cough and flu free.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Your feet need relaxation, too!

When you think about it, your feet work awfully hard every day. They keep you standing, they rush you to your next business meeting, they help you run to catch the bus, and they make it possible for you to be active — the list truly does go on and on.
Despite the hard work our feet do each day, they seem to be one of the last body parts we appreciate, let alone pamper. It’s just as important for you to pamper your feet as it is to pamper your face.
Soaking your feet in water alone can help relax your muscles and make your feet feel somewhat rejuvenated, but it does nothing for the skin on your feet. We found a tired feet remedy that adds three essential oils — peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon — to

Woman feet with shoes nearbyyour normal hot foot bath to not only help increase circulation in your feet and relax them but also to hydrate and deodorize your skin.
If you’d prefer a different kind of foot bath, you can also add Epsom salt to hot water. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath will allow your skin to soak up the minerals in the salt and replenish your body with magnesium and sulfate. Sulfate is important for joint and tissue function and could help ease the aches in your feet. It’s also good for helping to heal any cuts and scrapes you have on your feet.
Go ahead and pamper your feet. They deserve it!

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