Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How Do I Tell the World?

Some days are harder than others.  My mission, the love of my heart, is to help people see how to obtain health inside their bodies.  The hard part is that we don't see, or choose to not see the ill health within.  And when we do, we have been led to believe that a pharmaceutical will fix it all.  Have you ever stopped to read all the things that can happen to your body with that sweet little pill that Doctor has prescribed? 

I want to help you BEFORE you get to that point.  I want to help you see optimal health and not have to be on those chemicals. 

My passion is to help people live a better quality of life.  Your body has been created so wonderfully and has the ability to heal itself with the right 'stuff'. 

Reflexology is an ancient means of assisting the body to health.  Getting a Reflexology treatment on a monthly or quarterly basis, would be a wonderful method to gain better health. 

Vibrational Raindrop is a technique that uses Living Essential Oils and applying them by dropping them on the spine  and using frequency forks will assist in cellular healing for up to 5-6 days after application.  Once a quarter is a good start.

Emotional Release - is a treatment that uses prayer and Living Essential Oils that 'scrubs' your cells of emotional debris, 'sweeps' it away and 'reprograms' the cells, cleansing you from some emotional baggage that your cells have clung onto.  Once every six months is a good start.  Then down to once a year. 

Ambrotose - is a product that I have that is complete food for your cells.  The Glyconutrients that our cells need that we no longer get from our food.  Check this out on my Health Products page above.  I believe you absolutely need this product. 

Phytomatrix - is a REAL FOOD Technology, NO Synthetics, and will absorb at about 95%, plant sourced vitamin.  95% of the vitamins on the market today are filled with synthetics.  So I ask you to consider making a SWITCH if you are taking a vitamin.  Switch to a plant sourced vitamin, that your body understands.    By taking these two products alone you will start seeing changes in the health of your body.  There is also a 6 month money back guarantee.  Go to my Health page above and check them out and then email me.  I would love to talk to you more in depth about how and why I believe so passionately about them. 

Please - take time to treat your body to great health.  Help me get the word out and join me as a business partner. One hand at a time and we can make a difference.  Malnutrition looks different here in the US.  It is obese, fatigue, depressed, achy, etc.  We need to nourish our hungry cells.  Where ever you live on this globe, we all need better health.  Join me in my mission, to help people realize and live healthier lives. 

Let's make a difference together.  Email me your phone number and I will give you a call.