Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thinking of Losing Weight and Getting Healthier?

For the last 6 years I have struggled with weight gain. My body had become resistant. I ate healthy, and not much, maybe about 1000 calories a day. If I ate more, I would gain. I exercised, and couldn't lose an inch or a pound.

Frustrated, I almost gave up. Until I found a system that resets the hypothalamus. THIS made sense to me, and the more I read the more I was sure that I was going to try it. Try it I did!

There are 4 phases to this system. Phase 2 is 50 days. This is where you eat VERY healthy and use the spray. It is limited food intake, but there is a reason for that. Phase 3A and 3B is where your hypothalamus resets. AND does it ever!

IF you follow the Protocol this does work. I HAVE to eat about 2300 calories a day now. And am having trouble staying up at my LSW (last spray weight).

On Monday Dec 13, 2010, I am finished with Phase 3B. I could start Round 2 Monday, but I am going to wait and start Dec 26. Phase 4 is maintaining.

It is important to read the information in the book you download from the link below. If you do decide to do this, consider joining me, starting with Phase 1 on Dec 23 - 25. Phase 2 begins for me on Dec 26.

If you do decide to do this, please use the link above to order your product. They give a referral to me for sending you to them. On the MFC site you can see lots of pictures and see other people's success. Mine are on there too for my first round, second round coming soon! I was PLEASANTLY shocked at my 21 day pictures and the change that had happened.

I am now very much looking forward to my second round where I will be losing more and hitting my goal weight.

Check it out, and if you have questions, let me know!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 8

Step 8

Do some sort of resistance exercise 2 - 3 times a week. The resistance doesn't need to be huge, it just needs to be done.

Loss of muscle can be reversed at any age. But you will lose it if you don't use it. You need muscle to function well.

It is good to do resistance on all your muscle groups in the legs, arms, chest, butt, gut, and back. You will know when you have worked them. It is good to alternate the cardio exercise with 'weights'.

Regain your muscles - this will help you maintain a healthy weight, mind and spirit.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 7

Step 7 - Steps to Healthier Living
Remove all non-fat, low fat processed foods. No non fat milk for example. Eat food in their natural God given form. Milk needs to be taken in, in its God given form - Whole. When you remove the fat from the milk you leave the 'sugar' portion of the food. This messes with your digestive system, ie your pancreas (and other systems) making your body systems work harder, and raising your blood sugar levels.

Yogurt is another one. Eat whole milk yogurt. When they make low or non fat foods they also add stuff, garbage, things that are not natural and therefore our bodies don't know what to do with them.

There is a whole list of foods that you might grab thinking they are better for you because the 'real deal' will make you fat. No... it is the opposite, if you would eat the whole food, and drop the non, and low, you might find that your weight would go down. Especially if you have stayed true to the STEP of only natural fruit sugar and no refined sugar. You might be surprised.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Are you a creative thinker able to think Globally, seeking to earn extra income and share health?

If you want to help make this world a better place with Health and Financial Wellness, contact me as soon as possible.

I am looking for 4 serious individuals who are big thinkers who know people in Mexico, or have friends who do who would be interested in working with me and my team. The company I work with is expanding globally and is going to launch into Mexico January 24, 2011.

Right now the company is doing pre-launch meetings in Mexico in the 3 major cities. The next meeting is November 16, so we need to work quick. If you are interested in a phone interview, email me at We can set up a time that works for both of us.

The company is also planning on launching up to 6 more countries in the next 2-5 years. Now is the time to become involved.

Bless others and your family.

Steps to Healthier Living 6

Step 6 -

Let's go back to food stuffs. This step is to get the best oils into your body. Nothing with hydrogenated oils at all. No Margarine. No imitation, or like butter products. Only the real deal.

The best oils -

Extra Virgin Olive oil. This is the first press oil of the olive. Organic is best.
Expeller Pressed - Coconut Oil. A very good oil for your body.
Real butter is good too just not in large quantities. But the real deal is the best.

And to take as a suppliment: Omega 3 - essential oils. I have a high quality Omega 3. Just click on the Omega 3 to see.

Remember, as you make the step to each of these, don't drop the steps that come before the current step.

God's blessings in your journey to Healthier Living.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gift Certificates

Have you ever been stumped about what to get someone for a gift? Gift giving season is upon us.

Sole Haven Wellness Center Gift Certificates make wonderful Stocking Stuffers, Christmas Gift, Get Well, I care about you, You are doing a great job, Give Away for a promotion at your business, Office Party, Wedding shower, Anniversary, and many more ideas for a Gift Certificate.

Give a Gift of Wellness and relaxation you can bless someone by.

Steps to Healthier Living 5

So here we are 10 weeks into Healthier Living. How do you feel? I hope you are beginning to see the difference it makes in your body to eat healthier.

For Step 5, I am going to step away from changing more of how you eat. This step is going to be about the movement of your body.

Step 5 - Walk or do some sort of cardio exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time.

I am making this one light because first it takes a while to make this routine. And second because you probably are still adjusting to the food changes. Remember, no sugar means no sugar. ESPECIALLY - no High fructose corn syrup. So read your labels. Try to stay away from processed items. Make your own Ketchup, etc.

So - get up and move! See you again in 2 weeks! If you are already moving, GREAT! You can focus more on making the eating and drinking of steps 1 - 4 habits in your life.

God's blessings, Lynn

Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Blessings to you all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 4

Hi all, I am curious to know how you did with step 3, the whole grains. So if you want to take time to email me at that would be great.

Let's review.
1 - Water intake
2 - Sea Salt (Real Salt)only
3 - Whole Grains Only - This includes rice. No white rice. Whole grain rice only. There are great selections of wild rice that are whole. With the white rice they have taken the outside shell off. Which hold lots of nutrients.

So today as I am writing this I am wondering, do I give you a the big one or give you a smaller one?

Step 4

Eliminate processed sugar. Eat only fresh sugars from fruits. This one is a big one. it is one that takes time, because it takes time to take away the craving. When I did this years ago, it took me about 21 days to get through it, and feel good about it. When I did this, I allowed myself one day a year to eat whatever I wanted. Dec 31. The first year I had coke and loved it. The second year on my day, I had a SIP of a coke and it was awful. Also the sugared stuff wasn't good the second year either. So the desire does go away.

This one takes looking at the ingredients of everything. Believe me, you are addicted to white sugar. If something you like has sugar in it, find a recipe and make it fresh replacing the sugar with apple juice, or date puree. There are ways to sweeten without processed sugar.

There is sugar in LOTS of foods. What this does is moves you further away from processed foods. Processed foods have the enriched flours, and the high fructose corn syrup, and the chemicals that we don't need to be giving our bodies.

Take time on this one. I have cut out the sugars, the enriched flours, and have increased my water intake to 1 1/4 gallons a day. I also only use sea salt. You are not doing this alone. I am right here with you.

This is a 'Life Journey' to Healthy Living, enjoy it!

God's blessings,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 3

Step #3

How are you doing with the water and the salt? Have you noticed any difference in how you feel? Are you still seeing clear 'pee'?

Make each of these steps part of your life as you go along. That is why I am giving 2 weeks between each new step - to give you time to implement the step into your life.

The next couple of steps are going to be a bit more challenging and take a bit more time on your part.

Step #3 - Only eat WHOLE grain flour. No enriched flours, no wheat flour, no bleached flour. In anything. If it has the grain, and then lower on the label it lists vitamins and nutrients then you know it has been stripped of all it's nutrients. DON'T eat them! Whole grains are what you need to look for and eat, you will know the difference, and you will come to appreciate the difference. The enriched flours have no taste, no texture, no life. READ the labels. Move to whole grain products. Enriched flour is in loads of things so pay attention.

Below is more detailed information about refined white flour. You don't have to read it if you understand the reasons why NO refined Flour.

The below article was from -

Highly processed white flour (alias "enriched wheat flour" or "wheat flour") is missing the two most nutritious and fiber-rich parts of the seed: the outside bran layer and the germ(embryo).

One bleaching agent, chloride oxide, combined with whatever proteins are still left in the flour, produces alloxan. Alloxon is a poison and has been used to produce diabetes in laboratory animals. Chlorine oxide destroys the vital wheat germ oil. It will also shorten the flour’s shelf life and nurture insects.

Besides, in the process of making flour white, half of the good unsaturated fatty acids, that are high in food value, are lost in the milling process alone, and virtually all the vitamin E is lost with the removal of wheat germ and bran. As a result, the remaining flour in the white bread you buy, contains only poor quality proteins and fattening starch.

But that is not the whole story as to the loss of nutrients. About 50% of all calcium, 70% of phosphorus, 80% iron, 98% magnesium, 75% manganese, 50% potassium, and 65% of copper is destroyed. If that is not bad enough, about 80% thiamin, 60% of riboflavin, 75% of niacin, 50% of pantothenic acid, and about 50% of Pyridoxine is also lost.

Simple sugars and refined carbohydrates (white flour, noodles, processed, devitalized foods, etc.) require little metabolism and enter the bloodstream rapidly. This is the "lift" phase! But oh, the crash that follows!

Strike One! The pancreas, the organ that regulates how much insulin is released into the blood, is "caught off guard" by the sudden surge of sugar. Sensing that it has more work to do than it really does, it releases too much insulin. (Insulin processes starches and sugars to keep blood sugar at an even level.)

Strike Two! The result of all this chemical "warfare" is a dramatic drop in blood sugar (usually within the hour), and a resulting feeling of lethargy, mental confusion, weakness, and false feelings of "hunger!"

Strike Three! If it could be worse, this has got to be it: Sugar causes weight gain, not merely because of its caloric content, but because it actually alters the metabolism, as well! What does this mean? This means: If two groups of people are fed the exact same number of calories, but one group takes its calories in sugar and refined products, while the other group consumes the calories in the form of whole grains, fruits, nuts, and vegetables, the sugar group will gain weight, while the other will not. This finding comes to us from studies published by the U.S. Department of Health.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 2

So how did you do with the water? Did you get in the water you need in your body every day? Keep going on that.

So step number 2. SALT - Dump ALL your table salt. UNLESS you already have changed over to a REAL salt. Look at your salt container to see what it is. DON'T use 'refined white salt'. Refined white salt is biologically damaging, and a completely unnatural substance. When they refine it they take out as many as 82 trace minerals and essential macro-nutrients. If they left it in it would fulfill a vital role in our health to maintain optimum health. But when they remove them (and sell them to other companies to make more money) they create the most refined and deadly white - of chemical grade sodium chloride.

So the next two weeks - remove all of the refined deadly white 'table' salt. Get yourself on a good sea salt. ONLY eat a good whole salt. Nothing processed. When you do this you could find that your body may not bloat so much, or retain water.

Read the labels on the salt containers. There is also a company out of Utah that has a good salt. It is called 'Real Salt' and it is the real deal. I would suggest too that you go there and read the many articles they have on salt and what the bad salt has done to our bodies over the past several decades.

Salt, in a good form, the way God made it, is good for us in larger quantities, and can actually help blood pressure.

Be aware of all the salt you take in, and what form it is. Stay away from refined salt, it is poison in our bodies. Salt, the way God made it, is actually good for us! Spread the word! Help a friend and yourself.

Let me know how you are doing! Another step in 2 weeks. Do your homework.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 1

Do you want to get healthier? Is there room for improvement in your life for better health?

Every other week I will be posting just one thing that will get you and your body to healthier living. I am not sure yet how many I will be posting. I am posting bi-weekly because I want you to be able to have ample time to implement each step.

Step 1 - Drink AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water every day. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you will drink 100 ounces. If you weigh 100 pounds you will drink 50 ounces.

If you drink any caffeinated substance, you will need to add 2 waters of the same size, to replace what that caffeinated drink takes from your body. That water for replacement does not count in the amount that you need each day.

Here are some helpers to get this done.
1 - Upon rising, drink 1 full 14 ounce glass of water. Wait 15 minutes and drink another. You will have 28 ounces done within the first hour of rising.

2 - Each time you 'Empty your Tank' fill up again with at least another 14 ounces of water.

3 - Squeeze a little fresh lemon in the water.

4 - Drink your water at room temperature. No ice. It is better for your internal body.

Let me know how you do. Your body will adjust, and WELCOME the hydration and the drink that God gave us! If you ever get thirsty, you have gone too long. You should never thirst. If you do, it means that you are not getting the water you need.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Give For Real

Do you desire to help others gain health and nutrition. See what Mannatech is doing to help you help others. Go to the Give For Real and see for yourself.

If you want to help contact me at:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ambrotose AO Product to be Beneficial Antioxidant Supplement

Independent Human Study Shows Mannatech’s Ambrotose AO Product to be Beneficial Antioxidant Supplement

Findings published in “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine”

Mannatech announced the results of an independent human clinical study that demonstrated intake of its proprietary Ambrotose AO® capsules raised antioxidant protection in serum oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) in healthy adults, further validating a previous human study.* †

The effect on serum ORAC, a method of measuring antioxidant capacities, was very similar between the two studies. The 2010 five-week study by Dr. Stephen P. Myers of 21 healthy adults by physicians and scientists from Australia and New Zealand showed that four capsules per day of Ambrotose AO dietary supplement was safe and raised ORAC by 36.6 percent.

The 2003 pilot study of 12 healthy adults by Dr. Stephen Boyd, Mannatech’s Senior Director, Medical Affairs, Mannatech scientists and an independent statistician showed that two capsules per day of Ambrotose AO capsules increased ORAC by 37.4 percent.

“We are proud to have two human clinical studies that consistently show our Ambrotose AO product improves antioxidant status of human blood. These results demonstrate antioxidants in Ambrotose AO capsules provide the best antioxidant protection available today,” said Mannatech’s Co-CEO and Chief Science Officer Robert A. Sinnott, MNS, Ph.D. “Antioxidants help reduce the amount of free radicals and oxidative stress that can damage or even kill cells. In addition to providing antioxidant support, many of the nutrients in Ambrotose AO capsules have been shown to promote a healthy immune system.”*

Mannatech’s Ambrotose AO capsules appear to be the most promising antioxidant supplement investigated to date. Ambrotose AO capsules increased human serum ORAC levels more than a number of well-known antioxidant foods and other commercial products: in food studies, increases in serum ORAC have been documented following ingestion of strawberries (14.4 percent increase) or spinach (28.5 percent increase)3, buckwheat honey (7 percent increase)4 or Concord grape juice (8 percent increase)5. In a placebo-controlled trial of healthy adults, a single 100g dose of wild blueberry powder significantly increased serum ORAC by up to 16 percent6 and a single 1.25g dose of vitamin C raised serum ORAC by 23 percent 3. Additional studies of supplements designed to exert antioxidant benefits showed no effect on serum ORAC: a fruit-based antioxidant drink (MonaVie Active®)7,8.

Professor Stephen Myers, Ph.D., BMed, ND is Director of the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research (ACCMER), a unique joint venture of the University of Queensland and Southern Cross University (SCU) and the NatMed-Research Unit, Research Cluster for Health and Wellbeing (NRU-RCHW), SCU, Lismore, AU. The study’s findings were published in the peer‐reviewed BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

For more information on Ambrotose AO, contact me at and I will help you. God's blessings, Lynn

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Graduation - Father's Day - Celebrations!

Do you need to find that perfect gift for your loved one?

Come and purchase a Sole Haven Wellness Center Gift Certificate as a special gift for celebrations such as a Graduation, or Father's Day.

Give a call at 503-758-0118 and we can set up a time for you to pick up a Gift Certificate for that special person you know will enjoy the services of Sole Haven Wellness Center.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In The News


Mannatech has announced the results of an independent study demonstrating that our proprietary Ambrotose® complex and Advanced Ambrotose® powder exerted prebiotic effects.* The study was conducted by scientists at Ghent University and ProDigest, a leading company in gastrointestinal (GI) research.

The study, conducted at a top European research institute in Belgium, investigated the effects of Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose powder on the structure, composition and metabolism of the human GI tract using state-of-the-art human GI tract simulations and sophisticated microbiological analyses.

Its findings determined both Ambrotose complex and Advanced Ambrotose powder exhibited good selective fermentability throughout the entire colon, positive and selective bifidogenic effects and also demonstrated the possibility of enhancing species belonging to Bacteroidetes.

"We have been interested in the effects of Ambrotose products on GI health-a very hot area of scientific research-for many years," said Mannatech's Co-CEO and Chief Science Officer, Robert A. Sinnott, MNS, Ph.D. "A preliminary study published in 2007 showed that these products function as prebiotics, but the human gut is incredibly complex and difficult to study. To learn more, we chose to rely on the expertise of researchers on the forefront of human GI research. The work done by Dr. Marzorati and his team suggests that Ambrotose products support GI health throughout the entire colon; most prebiotics are thought to only exert such effects in the first portion of the colon."

The study's findings were published in the peer‐reviewed International Journal of Food Microbiologyand indexed on PubMed by Drs. Massimo Marzorati and Sam Possemiers (U. of Ghent and ProDigest), A. Verhelst (ProDigest), Profs. Willy Verstraete and T. Van de Wiele (U. of Ghent) and Drs. Robert Sinnott and Gabriela Luta (Mannatech, Incorporated).[1]

"We are intensely interested in employing state-of-the-art technology to explore the effects of our Ambrotose products," said Sinnott. "This study provides important information about the activities of these products in the human GI tract."

Ask me how to get Ambrotose for Your Intestinal tract. Email me at:

Friday, May 14, 2010

What do you Suffer from? Would Reflexology help your body help itself?

Reflexology is a lost modality that is finally coming back into being in the know. This modality works with your body to help your body be able to heal itself.

Working on the feet helps your brain tell your cells how to fix it's body by way of the reflex points that are 'worked' on the feet. Reflexology is not a modality that you use only if you have foot pain. Reflexology is a modality that you use to aid your body in self reconstruction at a cellular level naturally, with the amazing design that God gave us in our bodies.

In our western world we have been told that we need a pill and that will fix all. I am here to tell you that that is not true, nor is it healthy.

Here is a list of a few things in your body that you could see improvement on, due to your body doing the work it should be doing as a result of Reflexology.

Arthritis, Asthma, Breathing Difficulties, Cancer, Colitis, Depression, Diabetes, Endocrine disorders, Hemorrhoids, Migraine, Sprains, Sciatica, etc etc... The list goes on and on.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

Are you looking for a last minute Mother's Day special gift and can't think of what to get her?

Get her a Sole Haven Wellness Center Gift Certificate!

ONE DAY LEFT!! Come by Saturday to pick up your Certificate. Call a head and I will print one out special for you!

Doing the work God directs us to.

Have you ever wondered if you are doing the work that God really wants you to do? Reflexology, and natural healing, is what I believe that God has always been guiding me to. He has always given me a passion for it, and had introduced me to Reflexology at the age of 16.

Now I have a new room, to have my clients come to, that is purely for this purpose. This room is one where you will find peace, and God's presence. As I work on the people who come to Sole Haven Wellness Center, I pray for them, and over them, before, during and after the treatment.

Adding to Sole Haven Wellness Center, I am now studying Living Oils, that are therapy grade, and actually can heal the cells of our bodies. I will soon be offering a Bible study on Healing Oils of the Bible, teaching others about them.

And as I have done for several years, I would love to consult with you about Wellness, to help you get on your way to better health.

I am where God wants me. I am where my passion lies. May God bless, heal, and give peace to all who receive. May those who need to find better health, healing and peace of mind, be directed to Sole Haven Wellness Center.

Come with faith that God has lead you here.
To God be the Glory!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Sciatica. If you suffer from pain in the lower back that goes down your leg you probably suffer from the Sciatica being irritated for some reason.

Reflexology is very useful in helping to rectify this situation. If you have tried everything, and still suffer with the pain associated with what we call "sciatica", set up an appointment. This situation usually sees quick results. Your body, given the right tools will overcome the pain and set right the issue.

Wait no more. Get relief.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back To Wellness

What does wellness mean in our world today? In our Nation? We have all been raised to believe that Pharmaceuticals will heal us and help our bodies. But we now know that that is not the case.

Pharmaceuticals, taken the way prescribed, are the 3rd leading cause of death in our nation. WOW! And yet, we continue to take them. I do believe that there is a time and a place for some of them. But many of them, if not most of them, cause other issues in our bodies.

So how do we help our bodies get healthy? Our food stuff don't have all the nutrients they did even 50 years ago. A woman eating two peaches 50 years ago could get her vitamin A requirements for the day. Today you would have to eat 52 peaches to get the daily requirement of vitamin A. That is only an example of one food, most of them are the same.

So again, "How?" How do we FEED our bodies to get and stay healthy when the food we have available isn't feeding our cells? With nutrients made with Real Food Technology.

Our cells need the right food to function properly, and communicate intelligently with all of your body. Without the 8 glycos. our cells can not do that.

Now through June 10, you can schedule a FREE wellness consultation to talk about how you can gain health and wellness for you and your cells.

A vitamin is not just a vitamin. Most are just man made chemicals. Your body does not recognize those. The supplements that I will talk with you about are Real Food and will FEED your CELLS the food that they need to function for you at a rate of about 80 - 99%. Most of the vitamins you will find, your body will only absorb, at best, 10%.

If you want to get healthy, don't just take another pill. Take a pill or powder that actually is JUST food for your cells, that you body will recognize and take in.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The importance of Vitamin D - by Kim Watson

Here in bayou country, spring is bursting out all over. I hope your spirits are rising along with all the new life. This newsletter is a review on something we've been hearing about more and more of late. Vitamin D is news. Pay attention!
To your health

Vitamin D – Do It Now

If you haven’t yet begun to take a Vitamin D supplement, now is the time! It is a simple thing to add to your regimen and isn’t very expensive.

You will have noticed any number of newspaper and magazine articles about Vitamin D in the past few years. Have you read Chapter 6 in my book You Can Feel Great yet? I go into some detail on sunshine and Vitamin D. Go back and take a look. Your doctor may also be encouraging you to begin taking Vitamin D supplements.

The research is compelling - widespread Vitamin D deficiencies have led to greater numbers of children and adults with bone health problems, cancers, heart disease, and more. Vitamin D supports calcium uptake, immune health, blood sugar regulation and blood pressure regulation. Click here for a long list of references for published Vitamin D research.

Here is some guidance as you think about taking Vitamin D3:

Take Vitamin D3 capsules
D3 (cholecalciferol) is the form our body manufactures when we expose our skin to sunlight. D2 (ergocalciferol) is a form not natural to our body and is not taken up as efficiently, yet it is often added to our foods and some supplements. Not the best!

Choose capsules rather than tablet form Vit D, since they are purer and more readily absorbed by your stomach.

Take Enough
While there is still debate about how much is enough, there is growing consensus that 2000 IU daily is a good amount for adults. The longstanding recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for Vitamin D, now believed to be very inadequate, is 200-400 IU daily. One study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition recommended 4000 IU per day (Vieth R. Am J Clin Nutr 1999 69 :842-56.) The researcher established that when exposed to sunshine our skin normally produces around 10,000 IU per day and toxicity to Vit D has only been measured and published at levels of 40,000 IU/day.

What About Vit D from Food?
You cannot get enough Vit D from your food. Even foods naturally high in Vitamin D like salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines have only a small percentage of what we need.

Test your levels
The next time you have lab work done, ask to have your Vitamin D level tested with the 25-hydroxyvitamin D test. Without it, you are flying blind. Measuring over time is a good idea. You may need a higher intake for some time until you get your levels up to normal. A healthy blood level for Vitamin D is considered to be 55-60 ng/ml.

Which brand to choose?
All brands aren’t the same. It is important to find a company that guarantees the quality of its raw materials and final products. Does it establish the potency of all its raw materials and standardize its ingredients? You want products made according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Only one brand I am aware of has done clinical trials with its calcium/vitamin D supplements regarding bone density and fared very well. I am not associated with AlgaeCal but it has been recommended by Dr Gil Kaats, who has done lots of 3rd party research and knows a good company when he studies their clinical results. Click here for the AlgaeCall testimony page – measurable results for many people! (If you want to know more about AlgaeCal products you can call Julie Marshall at HealthTech, Tel 210.824.4200 or e-mail

Get out in the sun too!
Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. Make time to enjoy the outdoors, expose your skin and know you are doing yourself a favor (as long as you aren't getting sunburned). But don’t fool yourself into thinking you are getting enough Vit D - it is likely you aren't. Unless you are spending 5 – 10 minutes in the sun with lots of body exposure between the hours of 11am and 2pm three to four times weekly – you aren’t coming near to making enough Vit D through your skin.

If you are older, you also have diminished capacity to synthesize vitamin D from sunlight. And if you use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and sun damage, an SPF factor of 8 reduces production of vitamin D by 95%.

I carry Vitamin D at Sole Haven Wellness Center - $18 for a 3 month supply.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nearly Complete

There are small details that need to be completed, but I can now see clients in my new space.

It is a beautiful and relaxing space. Thank you to my wonderful husband who lovingly put many hours into creating this space.

For a time there will be a hold on use of the Far Infared Sauna. So for those of you who love it, I am sorry, but it is out of commission until further notice. Hopefully early May.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sole Haven Wellness Center Open House

What a blessing of friends. I say thank you to all of you who took time from your busy schedules to come to pray a blessing on my new Sole Haven Wellness Center location. Again, thank you!

God richly blesses. My husband built me a room to have my Wellness Center in. He created a beautiful peaceful space.

Thank you Vicar Don for leading us in the blessing!

God will lead the way...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Picture of Progress

This Lead Glass piece of art work was made for me by a long time friend, Carol H. It is beautiful and adds peace to the room. Thank you again Carol!

We are getting ready now to lay the tile floor.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Are you Nutritionally Deficient?

Can a person be nutritionally deficient and over weight? Absolutely, in fact, we are seeing this more and more. The food stuff that we are eating is deficient in nutrients. We no longer have food that has the same value as the foods we ate 50 years ago.

What does this mean for the body over an extended period of time? The following is a list of diseases which are the result of vitamin and mineral deficiency.

1) Calorie Deficiency is a semi-starvation that may be secondary to chronic illness (rheumatic fever, tuberculosis, psychological illness and hyperactive thyroid).

2)Protein Deficiency can occur in infants (rare in USA) who are fed exclusively on diets high in carbohydrates and low in protein of good quality.

3)Scurvy is a disease which results from lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

4)Rickets is due to lack of Vitamin D

5)Vitamin A Deficiency will affect the eyes.

6)Pellagra and Beriberi are associated with corn and rice diets, but seen in the US primarily in people with bizarre food habits and alcoholics. Pellagra results from lack of nicotinic acid, and Beriberi is a lack of thiamine and vitamin B1.

7)Water and sodium/potassium deficiencies resulting in dehydration. Please see an early post on proper hydration for you.

8)Nutritional anemia's are many: iron, iodine, etc.

9)Dental - from poor diet.

How do we overcome these deficiencies? Supplementation. Good supplementation without synthetics. Real Food Technology supplements.

For a Wellness Consultation please schedule at the Book Now button at the top of the blog.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures of Sole Haven

The outside. Obviously it is not done yet. There is still a lot of work to be done. Oh but it feels so close.
The left window will be the corner where the Reflexology chair will be.

Pictures of Sole Haven

These are the beautiful doors that lead into the house. They can open several different ways. The corner area here is where the massage chair will be and where the photoluminescent light therapy will be.

Pictures of Sole Haven

Looking south east. Isn't that finish work beautiful! I have an artist for a husband.

Where the ladder is, is where the foot bath will be. It will be a beautiful view! I need to take a picture where the person will sit for the foot bath so you can see the view.

Pictures of Sole Haven

This is the Far Infared Sauna, shower, and changing room area.

The sauna will be to the left and the shower to the right.

A friend of mine made and gave me a lead glass piece of art that will be in the open space above the door. I can hardly wait for her to see it there.

Grand Opening of the New Location of Sole Haven

Sunday, March 28, 2010, will be the Grand Opening/Open House of the new location of Sole Haven Wellness Center. 2:00pm - 5:00pm, with a Prayer blessing at 3:00pm.

Well, really not a new location. Same address, just a different and separate room that will (hopefully) be done for this celebration.

I will post progress pictures soon.


How much water do I really need? We have heard for years that 8-10 glasses a water a day is right. But I ask you, 'How can that be when you have a 5'4" woman who weights 115 pounds and a 6'4" man who weights 250 lbs?'.

The rule of thumb to remember: 1/2 your body weight in ounces. That is right, you need to drink daily, half your body weight in ounces. So if you weigh 150 lbs, whether you are a man or a woman, you will need 75 ounces of water daily.

OH but wait... that is not all... IF you are a caffeine drinker you need to calculate your water intake a little differently. For every ounce of caffeine you take in, you will need to replace it with 2 of the same measurement of water. AND that water will NOT count toward your daily water intake.

Do your brain a favor... Hydrate your body well.

Baffled about Reflexology

Why would working on someone's feet cause effect in another part of your body? Have you ever thought that the bottoms of your feet could be reflex points for each part of your body?

A Reflexologist will by hand or tool, will work the reflex points in the feet, hands or ears, or all three. When a tender spot is found, the Reflexologist will work that spot to break up congestion that is in that area.

Those congested areas short circuit the messages sent by the nervous system to the brain. So when cleaned out by way of Reflexology, your body then can start working in the way that it was created to do so.

If you are not well hydrated, or if the congestion is released too quickly, it can make you uncomfortable, because of the release of toxins from the effected part of the body. This is all good, but you may not want to work through 'detox' quite so fast.

You get to decide how you will work through congestion. Talk with your Reflexologist to help her know how your body responds to the work she is doing.

Foot Reflexology can improve the well being of a person. It also can restore health in conditions that stubbornly resist more conventional approaches.

Frequently I am asked how often should a person have a treatment. My response is that you need to decide how quickly your body can handle detox. Though it is advised that you are seen once a week for 3 weeks. After the 3 weeks we can evaluate how you are feeling. The treatment could then go to once a month for 3-6 months and then revisit again. You and your body, and your condition will be the best judge of how often you will need a treatment.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring is coming.

Spring is coming quickly, we can see that by the beautiful trees that are blooming pink and white, and the daffodils gloriously beaming in bright yellow.

With spring comes activities, movement and more exercise. With more exercise, we feel our bodies more, and muscles hurt some, or a lot, from movement they hadn't experienced for awhile. And sometimes we hurt our bodies with this new spring movement. For instance you might experience a sprain.

With ReflexoCure, you can help assist your body to heal those injuries very quickly. The quicker you start your reflexoCure on that injured location, the quicker your body will be to heal itself. So let's say that you sprain your ankle, you would work the reflex of the corresponding location on your wrist. You would work it several times a day, especially that first day of injury.

Reflexology is a tool we can use to help our bodies gain health in a natural way. Seek out me or another Professionally Certified Reflexologist to help you find your way to better health.

So if you find yourself, your spouse, your children, family or friends in a sprain this spring, book an appointment with me and I will assist your body to a quicker recovery.

In God's grace,

Friday, February 26, 2010

My ReflexoCure Creed

Sole Haven Wellness Center
Aurora OR 97002
Lynn J Woodley – February 2010
ReflexoCure Creed

I earnestly seek to hold true the statement of Thomas Edison, “The Doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”. I desire to help those who seek health, to see the truth, that God has given us amazing bodies with the ability to heal themselves through self application, if desired, of ReflexoCure.
The foot being one of the most complex organs in the human body is meant to move in more than 150 different ways. Foot disorders can be predisposed for 10-15% of degenerative and autoimmune diseases. And I, as a ReflexoCurist, deem it my purpose to interest myself in the feet of those who come to my service, to help them gain the total body health that can be seen as the result of the body responding to ReflexoCure.
Understanding that the healing current emitted from the brain, in response to the current of injury created by reflex activation, reaches into the depths of the cellular structure of every organ and gland in the body, it is my desire to help all who are ailing and seeking health to find that health, with every effort to make clear and functioning brain cells, through the best of oxygen, nutrients and water. This includes fasting on water, photoluminescent reflex beamer, far infared sauna, exercise and raw foods, daily self-treatment of ReflexoCure and most of all continual prayer to our Creator.
As Maimonides (born Moshe ben Maimon, circa 12th Century, Cordoba, Spain) prays in his writing of ‘The Healers Prayer” I paraphrase a portion for myself as follows:
Dear God and Father of all, Inspire me with love for the gift you have given me, and for all your creation. Do not let my focus be for profit, ambition for renown and admiration. Do not let those things interfere with my profession, for these are the enemies of truth and of love for mankind; preserve the strength you give me, of my body and my soul, that they always are ready and willing to cheerfully help and support anyone who comes my way. In those who are ill, let me see only the human being. Give my mind your light to see and recognize what presents itself and that I may comprehend what is absent or hidden. Let it be that I am able to see what is visible, but not be arrogant to the power to see what that is. For those boundaries are delicate and definite in the art of caring for the lives and health of other people. Keep me always alert, and in clear thinking, without diversion of attention while at the feet or care of one I am treating. Keep my mind undisturbed in its silent labors, for those times are great and thoughtful deliberations with You dear Lord.
~ In Christ, Lynn J. Woodley

Monday, February 15, 2010

Under Construction

Hi there. I am just starting this blog site and have run out of energy tonight to continue.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment please click on the Book now link above.

God bless your day!