Monday, January 12, 2015

Chocolate - RAW Cacao - Healthy Benefits of

Have you HEARD?  Chocolate has health benefits!!

I have known that for some time now, and include - RAW Cacao to my morning protein mix every day.  Here is a link that shows some studies on how Chocolate helps with memory and a few other health benefits.  Click here to go to the Article.  

In the article they talk about dark vs milk chocolate.  I promote the intake of RAW Cacao because it still has all the integrity of all of its living nutrients. 

If you want to find a way to re-gain your health.  Walk to Health with me.  I can help you get there.  On my site: on the tab 'Book Now' will take you to my appointment book to schedule your first appointment to discuss your needs, wants, goals, and health issues; where we will figure out what your path to health will look like. 

I LOVE my RAW Cacao!!  Let's take a walk together this year and find your full health!