Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Diabetes - Heart Disease - Alzheimers - WHY?

Have you ever wondered why these three issues have become the main health issues at hand? 

Have you ever been told via a Doctor or Advertising that you need to eat "Low or Non Fat"? 

Have you ever wondered what is left of a food that God made that they remove that fat? 

SUGAR...  That is what is remaining in a food that has had the natural fat removed. 

Do you really know what the base cause of Diabetes - Heart Disease and Alzheimers?  From the training and education I have received I believe SUGAR is the cause of the major portion of the ills that ail us. 

For example:  When you remove fat from Yogurt you leave just the sugars.  Our bodies need the fat to digest the sugars.  Our pancreas needs the fat to help process the natural sugar with in the yogurt.  When you over work the pancreas, over time you will get a fatty liver and an ill functioning system, which over time will also cause heart disease. 

My quest for you today is to encourage you to eat natural fat, get away from NON and LOW fat foods... THEY are what are making American's fat.  THEY are what puts that middle fat on bodies. 

If you have a group of people (5 or more) who are seeking more energy, less body fat, less illness, fewer aches... I can help you in a group setting work toward better overall health.  Getting older does not have to mean, feeling worse.  You CAN have energy and clear thinking. Click here to start your process to fill out your Health History. 

As a group, each person will get a price reduction from an individual price.  It is a 6 month program, meeting 2 times a month for 90 minutes.  We can meet via google chat or in person. 

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired... gather a few friends (5 or more), and let's get you all headed toward a healthier -Transformed YOU

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Raw Plant based eating -

Five months eating totally Raw Plant based food.  And in that 5 months traveling to 6 different locations.  Traveling, and being in hotels did prove challenging but not to the point of changing my eating.  I still ate only Raw plant based food.

In this time I have found it interesting the comments made by people.  Overall, most don't understand what eating Raw means, nor do they understand that the food isn't just a 'salad'.

In time I will write a book on how to travel and eat Raw.  I did successfully eat nutrient rich meals a few times out.  And the most impressive place I found to eat out, and I WISH they had more restaurants in other locations and states, is Be Raw Food and Juice.  It is in Dallas and if you live there and haven't been there, you need to take time to go there and support them.  They have amazing RAW plant based food. 

The second most impressive, and most impressive for a non raw restaurant, was Cheesecake Factory.  Both in Anaheim on Katella, and in Mesa on Power went out of their way to make me a nutrient dense meal.  There is a picture on Sole Haven's Facebook page.  Chef David is now also eating a 75% Raw diet so he 'got it'.

The question asked most is "so do you eat raw fish?".  A great many people cock their heads and don't really understand.  The second most frequently asked question is "how do you get your protein?"  Protein is not the same.  Some may tell you that a protein is a protein is a protein.  That is simply not true.  Plant protein is the healthiest protein for our bodies, but most people don't understand that you can get protein from a plant based diet.

If you would like to learn more about eating this way, or just getting healthy for you, in a way that you need to do it, I will help you do that.  I offer a 6 month 2 session a month program that is 50 minutes each session and we will walk together in your journey getting you to your goals of health.

Do you want to be more relaxed, less tired, more energetic, better clarity, less aches and pains, and live more vibrantly?  Book a health history consultation with me and we can move you to your goals of feeling and being healthy!  You don't have to hurt as you age.  Nor do you have to be on loads of pharmaceuticals.