Friday, June 26, 2015

Prepare now for your Winter Smoothies

As summer is now here and fruits are ready and ready to harvest, take time to put some up in your freezer to have fresh fruit for your smoothies year around. 

I have 11.5 gallons of raspberries already frozen, 2 gallon of strawberries and now 18 pounds of cherries.  The next big harvest will be blueberries, blackberries and hopefully grapes and kiwi. 

As fruit seasons come in to season, for example cranberries in November and December, you can buy them in bulk and get them in your freezer and use them also in your smoothies. 

There seems to be a fruit available all year around.  Learn which ones they are and eat and harvest those while they are in their season.  Fruit in its season will give you the best texture, flavor and nutrients.