Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 2

So how did you do with the water? Did you get in the water you need in your body every day? Keep going on that.

So step number 2. SALT - Dump ALL your table salt. UNLESS you already have changed over to a REAL salt. Look at your salt container to see what it is. DON'T use 'refined white salt'. Refined white salt is biologically damaging, and a completely unnatural substance. When they refine it they take out as many as 82 trace minerals and essential macro-nutrients. If they left it in it would fulfill a vital role in our health to maintain optimum health. But when they remove them (and sell them to other companies to make more money) they create the most refined and deadly white - of chemical grade sodium chloride.

So the next two weeks - remove all of the refined deadly white 'table' salt. Get yourself on a good sea salt. ONLY eat a good whole salt. Nothing processed. When you do this you could find that your body may not bloat so much, or retain water.

Read the labels on the salt containers. There is also a company out of Utah that has a good salt. It is called 'Real Salt' and it is the real deal. I would suggest too that you go there and read the many articles they have on salt and what the bad salt has done to our bodies over the past several decades.

Salt, in a good form, the way God made it, is good for us in larger quantities, and can actually help blood pressure.

Be aware of all the salt you take in, and what form it is. Stay away from refined salt, it is poison in our bodies. Salt, the way God made it, is actually good for us! Spread the word! Help a friend and yourself.

Let me know how you are doing! Another step in 2 weeks. Do your homework.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 1

Do you want to get healthier? Is there room for improvement in your life for better health?

Every other week I will be posting just one thing that will get you and your body to healthier living. I am not sure yet how many I will be posting. I am posting bi-weekly because I want you to be able to have ample time to implement each step.

Step 1 - Drink AT LEAST 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water every day. So if you weigh 200 pounds, you will drink 100 ounces. If you weigh 100 pounds you will drink 50 ounces.

If you drink any caffeinated substance, you will need to add 2 waters of the same size, to replace what that caffeinated drink takes from your body. That water for replacement does not count in the amount that you need each day.

Here are some helpers to get this done.
1 - Upon rising, drink 1 full 14 ounce glass of water. Wait 15 minutes and drink another. You will have 28 ounces done within the first hour of rising.

2 - Each time you 'Empty your Tank' fill up again with at least another 14 ounces of water.

3 - Squeeze a little fresh lemon in the water.

4 - Drink your water at room temperature. No ice. It is better for your internal body.

Let me know how you do. Your body will adjust, and WELCOME the hydration and the drink that God gave us! If you ever get thirsty, you have gone too long. You should never thirst. If you do, it means that you are not getting the water you need.