Thursday, August 30, 2012

Helping you Realize the Health and Wellness you have always wanted

For the past years I have been gaining education, certifications, and diploma's toward a passion I have had all my life.  Helping people around me see happiness and wellness naturally. 

I am a Certified Reflexologist, which is a modality that is over 3000 years old, and allows your body to help itself heal. 

I am Certified in many Living Essential Oil applications - Raindrop, Vibrational Raindrop, Healing Oils of the Bible - the study.

I am a Wellness Associate with Mannatech, promoting 100% natural vitamins, minerals, glyconutrients, and a whole line of products that will help your body balance and find health. 

To round out my Wellness business I have found a course that is 20 years old and is acclaimed across the nation.  Institute of Integrated Nutrition.  What we put in our bodies does make a difference.  So for the next year I will be working toward adding that to my repertoire of offerings to you.  I will be able to begin seeing clients in this manner as a Holistic Health Consultant at the end of February.  At the end of July I will have my certification, and a diploma from State University of NY, and will be an American Association of Drugless Practitioner. 

If you desire to join me in the march to healthier families, self, and friends, click on the link here and tell them I sent you.  Let me know if you do join in.  I would love to help you start up. 

IIN Link

Lynn J. Woodley, CR, CRT, CVRT