Monday, November 2, 2015

NEW Jafra Royal Jelly Ritual Skin Care

I started using Jafra Skin care in 1978... I went in a different direction a few years ago.  Just last week I decided to go back to Jafra and I am amazed at how wonderful my skin feels and looks.

Royal Jelly is why I went back to Jafra and November 1 they came out with a NEW line of ROYAL JELLY products.

I would love to show you how wonderful they feel.  Let's meet up or you can just go to my link:  and order your set in November 2015 and you will get a beautiful bag with your set.  It is called Royal Jelly Ritual.  Item #20973

It also makes a wonderful Christmas Gift.

There are also wonderful body products.  I love several of the body products.

Order your set today!