Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Real ProductsSM

Would you like the assurance of knowing you're getting complete, real nutrients?

Wouldn't you like to trust the science behind the products you use?

Do you want to feel good about what you put into your body?

A huge part of the relationship we cultivate with our Associates is the trust they have in the science behind our products, like Real Food TechnologySM solutions. We pioneered this concept of combining cutting-edge science with food-sourced ingredients to create the most nutritionally beneficial products for the human body.
We have developed a core plan: Real [4] for Life.
[1] Ambrotose® Cell-to-Cell Communication for Overall Health

Our Ambrotose complex, Mannatech's first Real Food Technology solution, is a pioneering blend of several plant polysaccharides and gums that revolutionized the dietary supplement industry.

First introduced in 1996 following extensive, breakthrough research on aloe vera, the technology supporting Ambrotose complex has received more than 45 global patents and was designed to provide your body the support it needs for proper cell-to-cell communication.*

[2] PhytoMatrix® — Nourish Your Body with Vitamins and Minerals

Unique, naturally sourced vitamin complexes with plant-sourced minerals harvested using a patented hydroponic process.*

[3] Ambrotose AO® — Protect Your Body from Free Radicals

A powerful antioxidant clinically proven through serum ORAC testing to provide 200% more protection than five servings of fruits and vegetables.*1,2

[4] PLUS™ — Balance Your Endocrine Health

Designed to help support the endocrine system and support breast, bone, heart, colon and prostate health, utilizing key ingredients like wild yam root.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

‡ Mannatech guarantees your full satisfaction. If not completely satisfied, contact Customer Care and return the product within 180 days for a full refund. See Section 5.13 of the Associate Policies and Procedures or for details.

1 Boyd S, Gary K, Koepke CM, McAnalley S, Ford CR, Horn E, and McAnalley BH. "An Open-Label Pilot Study of the Antioxidant Effect in Healthy People of Ambrotose AO™" GlycoScience & Nutrition 4, 1-6 (2003). Study sponsored by Mannatech, Incorporated.

2 Cao G, Booth SL, Sadowski JA, Prior RL. Increases in human plasma antioxidant capacity after consumption of controlled diets high in fruit and vegetables. Am J Clin Nutr 1998; 68(5):1081-1087.

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