Friday, October 29, 2010

Are you a creative thinker able to think Globally, seeking to earn extra income and share health?

If you want to help make this world a better place with Health and Financial Wellness, contact me as soon as possible.

I am looking for 4 serious individuals who are big thinkers who know people in Mexico, or have friends who do who would be interested in working with me and my team. The company I work with is expanding globally and is going to launch into Mexico January 24, 2011.

Right now the company is doing pre-launch meetings in Mexico in the 3 major cities. The next meeting is November 16, so we need to work quick. If you are interested in a phone interview, email me at We can set up a time that works for both of us.

The company is also planning on launching up to 6 more countries in the next 2-5 years. Now is the time to become involved.

Bless others and your family.

Steps to Healthier Living 6

Step 6 -

Let's go back to food stuffs. This step is to get the best oils into your body. Nothing with hydrogenated oils at all. No Margarine. No imitation, or like butter products. Only the real deal.

The best oils -

Extra Virgin Olive oil. This is the first press oil of the olive. Organic is best.
Expeller Pressed - Coconut Oil. A very good oil for your body.
Real butter is good too just not in large quantities. But the real deal is the best.

And to take as a suppliment: Omega 3 - essential oils. I have a high quality Omega 3. Just click on the Omega 3 to see.

Remember, as you make the step to each of these, don't drop the steps that come before the current step.

God's blessings in your journey to Healthier Living.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gift Certificates

Have you ever been stumped about what to get someone for a gift? Gift giving season is upon us.

Sole Haven Wellness Center Gift Certificates make wonderful Stocking Stuffers, Christmas Gift, Get Well, I care about you, You are doing a great job, Give Away for a promotion at your business, Office Party, Wedding shower, Anniversary, and many more ideas for a Gift Certificate.

Give a Gift of Wellness and relaxation you can bless someone by.

Steps to Healthier Living 5

So here we are 10 weeks into Healthier Living. How do you feel? I hope you are beginning to see the difference it makes in your body to eat healthier.

For Step 5, I am going to step away from changing more of how you eat. This step is going to be about the movement of your body.

Step 5 - Walk or do some sort of cardio exercise AT LEAST 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time.

I am making this one light because first it takes a while to make this routine. And second because you probably are still adjusting to the food changes. Remember, no sugar means no sugar. ESPECIALLY - no High fructose corn syrup. So read your labels. Try to stay away from processed items. Make your own Ketchup, etc.

So - get up and move! See you again in 2 weeks! If you are already moving, GREAT! You can focus more on making the eating and drinking of steps 1 - 4 habits in your life.

God's blessings, Lynn