Sunday, April 8, 2018

My Monat Hair changes to Healthier!

March 10, 2018 I received my first order of Monat Hydrating system.  I signed on as a VIP customer.  Within the first 4 washes I noticed a huge amount of change.  I have people commenting on my hair all the time now.

So I signed on as a Marketing Partner.  I love the products and all they do for the health of the hair.  Removing all the junk of build up on the hair. As you can see from the pictures I have attached you will see my hair pre Monat use.  All were wash and wear. I didn't do anything different and didn't have any color change put on my hair in these pictures.  It is all from just using the Monat products.

My hair felt broom like before, and now it is so soft.  I continue to see changes and there are folical changes that occur when using the products, especially in the first 90 days.
PRE Monat Hair March 9, 2018
Monat March 19, 2018; 3 washes
 The change is amazing.  Please go to My Monat page and see that there are many choices.  I am here to help you find the right system for your need.    Many people are seeing 'REGROWTH' of hair that would be in the balding state.  If you would like to see if this helps you fill in hair that has been thinning, whether female or male, I have seen pictures with great response.  If you have found your hair has stopped growing, or breaking hair, or lots of dry unhealthy ends, even hair that is lifeless and greasy; all of these can be helped with these products. 
Monat March 29, 2018