Monday, February 25, 2013

Sugar Blues - Do you suffer from eating too much sugar?

Sugar is in most everything we eat.  Some would say "What is wrong with sugar, we need it for energy".  True.  It is the type of sugar that we put into our bodies that does matter.  One sweet doesn't process the same in our bodies as another sweet does.

Refined sugar is one that does not do our bodies good.  Sugar is addictive.  In the 1600's when sugar was first refined here in the United States, people loved the taste, as most of us do and within the first ten years people had gotten to the point of eating 4 pounds of sugar a year.  Now we take in over 100 pounds average per person a year .  Let's compare that with the 8 pounds per person per year of broccoli.  WOW... over 100 pounds of sugar and 8 pounds of broccoli.  Are you eating too much sugar?  Are you eating a good amount of veggies?  Do you see why we are in such poor health in this country? 

Do you see the huge imbalance?  I have a Sugar Blues Workshop that would help you, your company, your church, your group, to understand the effects of refined sugar on our bodies.

If you would like to do this on an individual basis, I have individual sessions. (Individual sessions can be done in person, on the phone or on an online site, ie google chat, skype) Schedule your first appointment on my booking site here.  If you have a group that you would like to present this workshop, send me an email.

Corporate Wellness - Group Sessions

As a Holistic Health Coach, my goal is to help our society take one step at a time closer to happier, healthier, individuals, families, friends and society.

How do we get there?  How do we reach that goal?  My heart's desire is to spread this by teaching in Corporations.  Holding 6 month sessions with groups of people within corporations. 

The goals are many, but here are a few:

To produce healthier employees of that corporation
To reduce insurance costs because employees are healthier
To increase internal health within employees
To increase productivity because of clearer thinking because of better health
To inspire the employees to share their knowledge of healthier living with their families thereby spreading this joy of health to many. 

I am looking for corporations to share with.  If you are that company, I would be happy to come and speak with you and share more about what my program consists of.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Juice Fast cleanse - end of day 13

Today is the end of day 13 on my Daniel Fast, a juice fast through lent.  I am not following the Daniel Fast as they have it set but I am following that bible study.

I have not found it hard at all.  It seems that my body is beginning to detox this week.  I have plenty of energy, and actually have to make myself make the evening juice as most of the day I am not hungry.

I am encouraged to know that I CAN do this and God will keep me close and help my body cleanse and restore my health.

In my juice fast journey, I am learning much about me, my body and the organs in my body that are needing detox.  This week my liver is burning so know that detox is occurring within my liver.  Using a coffee enema helps the body to do deeper liver cleanse and will hopefully assist my body in cleansing the liver as needed.

I am not at a point were I am saying I am ready to come out of the juice fast.  So know that I am doing well.  I have a good amount of energy, in fact more energy than normal.  My joints are feeling better with less pain.

Tomorrow I will be skiing and it will be interesting to see how my energy level stays.  It may be that I will need additional juice.  

2 weeks down, and 5 weeks left to go.

Book your Free 50 minute health history consultation I will help you start your day to better health.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My 49 day Juice Fast

My 49 day juice fast

I am on a 49 day juice fast. I decided to do a juice fast to help my liver which I damaged this summer by bruising it very bad in a fall I had. I hadn't realized what I had done until I had blood work done in November, but it all made sense with all that I had been experiencing from July - November.

In that blood work my liver enzymes were 170!!! High is suppose to be no higher than 35. Interestingly the Dr assumed I was taking increased amounts of Tylenol products and that was why... hUmmmm... I don't take Tylenol BECAUSE I know it is not good for the body and especially not good for the liver. So second the Dr assumed that it was because of increased stress. I then expressed, "wow, I didn't realize that stress in the body can also affect the liver". Dr said, "it can't but when adults are stressed they tend to drink more." HuMMMMMM BUT Dr. I don't drink... I MIGHT have a couple sips of wine once a year MAYBE. AND have never drank. To that Dr said, "well we will test again in 4 months."

So since the fall in July, my body has not been responding to me and has been reacting negatively (now I know why). So I have taken the bull by the horns and am going to tackle this with a raw juice fast.

I am now on day 10. I have to say the first three days were intense. And on day 3 I wanted to chew some nuts or something. Even a great Kale salad. But I pushed through. Come day 7 and I felt clearer minded.

I know that through this my body is going to be detoxing. As it already has been. And those detoxing times can be emotional and physical. It will be cleansing in all body, spirit and mind.

Through this experience I will be able to help coach others to a deeper level if they desire.

In the end I will have a blood test done and we will see how my liver is doing then.

I will Break my Juice Fast Easter Sunday. I already am planning my meal. I have found several Raw Food recipes that I am going to try. I will share those when I am eating them. ;o)
 I will be posting how it is going...  So far good.  

Raw Food - A healthier YOU

Do you have a desire to get healthier?  Do you want to lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, allergy reaction, arthritis, GURD, IBS,  etc (as the list is LONG)?

Alternative, ie natural ways, can help you see a healthier body.  The body responds to whole foods.  Whole foods are the bodies medicine. But it is all deeper than just food.  We will also talk about 'Primary Food'.  

If you would like to see what this may mean for you, I am a Holistic Health counselor and I am offering a FREE 50 minute Health History Consultation now through July 26, 2013.  In this 50 minutes we will walk through the health history you will have filled out prior to our meeting time. I encourage you to book your Free Health History now. We can do this session across the globe and do the Health History Online. So your proximity to me is a mute point.  If you are interested in taking your life to the next health level, then this would be a step in the right direction.

 If you have further questions please email me.

Reflexology and Parkinson's

Thursday, February 14, 2013, I was invited to speak to a Parkinson Support Group on Reflexology, Holistic Health, and Nutritional support that effects Parkinson's. 

In my research for the presentation, I found a site that is wonderful and very helpful in helping those who are immersed in Parkinson's because of your health or the health of a loved one. Here is a piece I took from their site:

"Parkinson’s is not only a curable syndrome, it is one that, in most cases, can be reversed at home – a do-it-yourself recovery project.

One of the goals of the Parkinson Disease Recovery project is to make our material as broadly available as possible.

The hope, eventually, MDs will refer their newly diagnosed patients to this free, self-help material on recovery, rather than telling their patients that they have an “incurable illness.”"

Go to: for more information on their research. 

 In your path to help yourself or your loved one who is suffering with Parkinson's schedule a Free 50 minute Holistic Health consultation where we can discuss an alternative health walk that integrates with your current path.