Saturday, May 8, 2010

Doing the work God directs us to.

Have you ever wondered if you are doing the work that God really wants you to do? Reflexology, and natural healing, is what I believe that God has always been guiding me to. He has always given me a passion for it, and had introduced me to Reflexology at the age of 16.

Now I have a new room, to have my clients come to, that is purely for this purpose. This room is one where you will find peace, and God's presence. As I work on the people who come to Sole Haven Wellness Center, I pray for them, and over them, before, during and after the treatment.

Adding to Sole Haven Wellness Center, I am now studying Living Oils, that are therapy grade, and actually can heal the cells of our bodies. I will soon be offering a Bible study on Healing Oils of the Bible, teaching others about them.

And as I have done for several years, I would love to consult with you about Wellness, to help you get on your way to better health.

I am where God wants me. I am where my passion lies. May God bless, heal, and give peace to all who receive. May those who need to find better health, healing and peace of mind, be directed to Sole Haven Wellness Center.

Come with faith that God has lead you here.
To God be the Glory!

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