Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Hand at a Time - Targeting Global Malnutrition

One Hand at a Time
Do you know that 5 million children around the world, under the age of 5 die every year from malnutrition? 
Would you like to impact the life of a child suffering from malnutrition? 
You can – by way of  a ‘Donation by Consumption’ program.
I am going to challenge you today - take the REAL >>SWITCH Challenge – Here’s what that is -
Do you take a Vitamin?
Well it is easy then.
Did you know that 95% of all Vitamins sold in the market today are synthetic, made with Coal Tar, petroleum and rocks?  None of which is food to your body, and can’t be absorbed by your body and for the most parts just passes through your body.
With the REAL >> SWITCH Challenge -  You switch –
You switch to a 100% REAL plant digested - Vitamin - that is bioavailable to your body and is 100% food for your cells.  This is a win -  win situation –
You win with better health and nutrition and a child wins because you give health and nutrition to a child.  That is the donation by consumption program. 
Will you help impact the life of a child?  Do 4 of your friends take vitamins? And would they take the REAL >> SWITCH Challenge with you?  You and 4 friends?
You would be giving nutrition to a child every month by taking the challenge.  Let’s make it one hand of children that we help. 
Won’t you join me and Mannatech in changing the face of malnutrition in the world today?
Let’s change the world together, one hand at a time - You and 4 of your friends would be impacting the lives of 5 children every month.
ONE HAND AT A TIME – Will you join me? 

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