Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holistic Health - Reflexology - Aroma Therapy - Suppliments

People sometimes confuse reflexology with something wrong with their feet.  I am not a podiatrist.  I use your feet to help your body realize better health.

Your feet, hands and ears have 'receptors' to let you know that something is 'clogged' in your body system.  God gave us amazing bodies.  Bodies that are made to know and understand when something is not right.  The problem is that we have messed with our foods so much that the body is not getting the messages communicated correctly.

At and via internet, I can help you get your body back into balance.  I use several modalities.

Reflexology - once the body is 'out of wack' we can give it the correct messages to attend to the issues and get it going toward healthy.

Living Essential Oils - the oils I use and sell are actually living and are such that they can and do heal.  Doing Raindrop and Vibrational Raindrop sessions, and other aroma therapies to assist the body to health.

Mannatech - 100% non synthetic, bio-available, plant sourced vitamins, minerals, glyco nutrients, that are SO NEEDED.  Not just any vitamin will suffice.

Holistic Health Consulting - a Program that will round out and give us, you and me, all the tools we need to get your whole body "Back to the Basics".  We can schedule a Free 50 minute Health History review.  Just go to my Book Now button at the top of my site here to schedule your phone appointment. 

Because everyone is different, everyone's path to wellness will be different.  I am here to take you on that journey.  Looking at the whole body, and having the modalities to take you gently on this journey.  One step at a time.

I continue educating myself so that I can better help you as a whole person.  From head to toe, from body to spirit.  It doesn't matter where you live, I can and will work with you.  

It all matters - You matter!
Treat yourself - Reclaim your peace of mind and body -
                                                                               It is the only one you will ever have. 


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