Thursday, November 8, 2012

Komucha Tea -

My first recipe of Kombucha Tea was from a starter pack that I bought on a late night run to Whole Foods.  And there I found a KT Starter kit from OK Oregon Kombucha.  The tea was Coconut Green Tea.  WOW WOW WOW!!!  WHAT a WONDERFUL flavor.  Well I haven't had that blend since but had my SCOBY Hotel with that tea, and the SCOBY in there was in that tea. 

About 2 weeks ago I started an extra gallon of KT and used about 2 cups from the SCOBY Hotel and a SCOBY from there and another blend of loose tea. 

THERE IT WAS AGAIN... that wonderful taste of that Coconut Green Tea from my first batch.  Just a hint of it.  BUT oh my, such a wonderful hint.  So I got on to and ordered some Coconut Green Tea.  I can hardly wait for it to arrive to start a batch of it.  Because OK Oregon Kombucha is only about 20 miles from me, it should be here in 2 days... 

I had a couple of questions so called in and got a call back from the owner Phyllis Abbot and she was very helpful and totally understood my love for that tea. 

Even if you are not making Kombucha, take time to order that tea from them.  Especially if you are a tea lover!  Or maybe you want to buy some for Christmas for someone who loves tea.  WONDERFUL tea, and a Wonderful company to purchase from.  Each bag makes a gallon of tea. 

Blessings, Lynn

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