Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 New Year's Resolution

What is your New Year's Resolution? If you seek better health, I would encourage you to schedule a Health History Session with me. It is a 50 minute consult that we would have together to see what your goals and direction is and will be and to see if we would want to put together a 6 month session to help you reach your goals. That 6 month program is 2 - 50 minute sessions a month for 6 months. I will have health gifts for your and sample foods to help you in addition to the coaching. Is this something that you might consider to gain health in 2013? This is not a program where you need to be in the same location I am. You can live anywhere around the world and do this program with me. I have openings for individual or groups for the 6 month programs beginning February. We would schedule your FREE Health History session in January or February. If you have a group of people for a group session, the cost for each person goes down considerably. Groups can be 5-9 people (20% off), 10-14 people (25% off), 15-19 people (30% off). Make your 2013 a Healthy Year!!

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