Monday, August 25, 2014

21 Day Cleanse - Inquire now if you are interested

Time to cleanse your body's system?  I have written a 21 day cleanse to help your body reset and clean out. 

Have you ever tried a 21 day cleanse only to give up at day 3-5?  That is because those days are the hardest days in the whole of the 21 days.

I will be holding an in person class, so if you happen to be in my area of Oregon, you can register for the "on site" portion of the class.  There will also be a Google Hangout  "Web group" available for those who are at a distance.  Time of those classes will depend on where people are located.  I will adjust the time to work best for most. 

This cleanse will be available 2 times a year.  January and October.  There will be different packages to choose from for your cleanse.  

This is not a do it yourself program.  It is a program where I will be walking beside you, helping you, supporting you, and educating you. 

Note that the Premium Package will be the package where you will get the best cleanse.  This package will only be for your first cleanse class.  There will be items in this package that you will only need to buy one time.  If you are a returning 'Cleanser', you will potentially not want to order the Premium package a second time.

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