Friday, October 29, 2010

Steps to Healthier Living 6

Step 6 -

Let's go back to food stuffs. This step is to get the best oils into your body. Nothing with hydrogenated oils at all. No Margarine. No imitation, or like butter products. Only the real deal.

The best oils -

Extra Virgin Olive oil. This is the first press oil of the olive. Organic is best.
Expeller Pressed - Coconut Oil. A very good oil for your body.
Real butter is good too just not in large quantities. But the real deal is the best.

And to take as a suppliment: Omega 3 - essential oils. I have a high quality Omega 3. Just click on the Omega 3 to see.

Remember, as you make the step to each of these, don't drop the steps that come before the current step.

God's blessings in your journey to Healthier Living.


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