Friday, July 5, 2013

Mind and Body Health - Holistic Health - Meet your Goals!

Mind and Body Health - Do you want that but can't get there on your own? Find 10 or more people who are interested in a 6 month program to help you achieve your goals of Mind and Body Health. The Group program consists of 2 sessions a month 90 minutes each for 6 months. You will get handouts and have a nice 3 ring binder when you are finished, Along with gifts from me throughout.

I am offering my Intern pricing of $35 per meeting, per person of 10 or more people through August 1. Class will begin the first or second week of September.

There are only 4 spots left for group sessions starting in September at the 'Intern' pricing. Get your group registered soon.

I will graduate and be Fully Certified July 26. This is a graduation special. After August 1, the rates will go up according to education and certification. Still a great price. But this one is a better price!

Your group doesn't need to be local, I can conduct sessions on google hangout.

I also will be putting together a Retreat group session in the future. One where we begin at a destination and end at a destination, and have other specialties available on the weekend retreats.

It is all about finding what is blocking you from gaining your Mind and body Health. Then you can stop the yo yo... and Live...

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  1. 2 days remaining to get this group price. If you have 10-20 friends that you know of that want to find Mind and Body Health, contact me by Thursday, August 1, 2013.