Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Essential Oils - 101

Six years ago I began my study of essential oils.  At that time I really didn't know or understand what Living Essential Oils were.  I put them in the category of fatty acid oils that we use in our kitchens to prepare foods. 

In the six years, I have taken course work and received certificates of study in many different usages of Living Essential oils. 

On this post I want to focus on 'What is and what can a LIVING essential Oils do?'

When God created us, he didn't put pharmaceuticals on every corner.  What he did do, was place wonderful plants beside us.  Why?  For many reasons, but my focus here is the healing benefits of those plants.

In the bible, essential oils are mentioned over 1000 times, but the writers didn't expound on the oil benefits, i.e. healing, because in the day that they wrote the bible, people knew and understood the benefits, unlike today. (Healing Oils of the Bible - Study)

In today's time, we scoff at, and take no heed in what "Living" essential oils can do for our bodies, and the ailments we have.

On the market are many 'essential oils' that are dead, not living, but sold as an 'essential oil'.  These oils cause many people to think that there is no healing benefit to any Essential Oils.   In addition the fragrances of those dead oils can be disturbing to our bodies, causing people to negatively respond to them, as I do, by getting migraines by those adulterations of essential oils or the added synthetic scents. 

When you have a Living Essential Oil, you can't have that negative effect.  But that is for another article to be written. 

When you have a Living Essential Oil, you still have frequency in the oil.  Living Essential Oils are structured chemically similar to our human cells and tissues.  Remember, God created human and plants.  So these Living Essential Oils are compatible with our protein and are bio-available to our bodies. 

These are God's pharmaceuticals.  When using Living Essential Oils, you can heal your cells in your body.  From a simple cut, a Brown Recluse spider bite, to deep virus's in the cells.  I have seen the effects of healing from the Living Essential Oils on clients and on myself. 

Mind you... these are not pain pills that take away the ailment in 20 minutes.  These are the medicines that God gave us when he created us.  We have ignored them for too long.  Here are a few examples of some of the benefits you can receive from the oils:

Clove: decreases the viscosity or thickness of the blood, whereby enhancing circulation.
Essential Oils that contain Limonene have been shown to prevent and slow the progression of cancer.  
Lavender: has been shown to promote the growth of hair and increase the rate of wound healing.  
European Scientists: studied the ability of essential oils to work as natural chelators, binding with heavy metals and petrochemicals, carrying them out of the body.
Living Essential Oils are complex, and because of that do not disturb the body's natural balance or homeostasisIn contrast - synthetic chemicals often disrupt the body's homeostasis. 

If you are dealing with virus, bacteria, illness, etc. consider first coming in for a Raindrop, where I apply 8 different oils on your feet and spine.  Or contact me to discuss how to get your own first "Home Kit" to help yourself and your family better the health of your home and bodies. 

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