Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Client Testimony - KJ- Liver Cleanse - Raw Plant based eating

This client has been doing a wonderful job of getting her health back.  She is on a journey.  One of the comments that she received said....  'There are no easy answers...'  To that I say...

There are easy answers, but they appear to be 'difficult decisions'. The idea that there are no easy answers is based on the idea in our society that 'real - living food' is ODD, and the fact that 95% of the things people put in their mouths are not anything but 'food like substances', which include addictive additives so that our bodies crave more.

When taking this journey, K chose to feed her body nutrients. And she has taken in and fed her cells more natural nutrients in those first 14 days than most people feed themselves in months. She is healing her body from the inside out.

It is fun to hear my clients talk about how people comment on how healthy they look. It is never about how much weight they lose, and the journey is not about that, at all. It is about regaining the health that God intended our bodies to have, with the food he gave us. And that is what their loved ones see... the health they are regaining. The weight loss tends to be the 'side effect'.
She has done MARVELOUS and continues to do so!

It really is all about mindset. Which is why a journey like this needs  You need to have someone be there to guide you in the walk, through the aggravated healing, the emotional healing that takes place.  

Read what she says about her journey - as a result of people around her and their own fears surfacing. If you don't know, I am a Raw Plant Based Foodist, I don't expect that or dictate that for any of my clients, but if someone were to ask me the question "Why are you eating only raw food?"  I may respond with "Why are you eating all those non food, food like substances, with all the chemicals?"  Although, if you know me, you know that I would probably not deliver it so abruptly.  

Her response:

Some of you ask me " why are you eating only raw food?" 
Well I thought I would answer that. 

I have diabetes and it was getting out of control. It got to the point that the Metformin I was taking was not helping and I had to take more and more insulin but I still had high blood sugars. 

I am addicted to sugar and I drank a 32oz sweet tea everyday and I am also addicted to food. Primarily deep fried greasy food. No wonder my blood sugars were hovering between 250-300 everyday. My weight was going up and I felt tired and in pain all the time. 

So I decided to do a 14 day juice cleanse and before I was finished with that I was completely off all my diabetes medication. 

Since the juice fast ( September 4-17 ) I have been eating raw fruits and vegetables. With a little bit of seeds in my smoothie in the morning and a little avocado. I have tried all kinds of "diets" and my body does not respond. I will get to a certain weight and stop. 

With the help from my friend Lynn at Walk to Health I am eating raw so I can put healthy live enzymes in my body so it can heal itself without the use of medications. I really don't know how long I will stay raw but right now I am really enjoying it and it is easy for me. 

And best of all my body is responding well. I am also running 6 days a week which helps me lose the inches I need to lose. 

I am down 27.2 pounds and 22 inches now and I am feeling really great. 

I have lots of energy, my skin is very soft, 
I sleep very well, 
I don't have acid reflux anymore, 
no highs and lows of blood sugars, 
and many other things. 

If you have any questions at all feel free to PM me or you can go to and contact Lynn Woodley. 

This has been a wild journey for me and I have a ways to go but I know that my health is getting stronger everyday.


Do you want to regain your health?  Sleep better, even out your blood sugars, clear up your skin, have more energy, get rid of acid reflux, reduce joint pain, back pain, really... the list goes one.  Your body knows what it needs to heal.  Your body will detox when and how it wants when you give it the help it needs to do so.  

Let me help you...  Schedule a consultation, doesn't matter where you live. In the confirmation email, there will be a Health History attachment.  (confirmation from  Fill that out and email it back to me prior to the scheduled appointment.  If there are no slots during a time that you are available, email me with some times that you are available and I will try to work them in. 

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