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Client Testimony - LJF - 21 Day Liver Cleanse - 14 day Raw Plant Based

Client Testimony - This client shares from her heart her first 29 days.  Her struggles, and her pure relief from issues that she has been dealing with for 12 years.  The journey began about a year ago when working on her with Reflexology and Young Living Oils, and the other modalities I use in  All the modalities work together.  What I do is Reflexology and Holistic Health and so much more, but all compliment each other.

Read what she has to say about her 29 days of cleanse.  Then if you desire to change your direction of health schedule a consultation with me.  At the bottom of the notification of appointment will be an attachment with the Health History form you will need to fill out and submit prior to your intake appointment.  It doesn't matter where you live.  I can help you walk to health with me.  You will not be alone. 

LJF October 2014
Reflection, Recovery, Rejuvenation

There has been a lot of reflection during the past 29 days as I have been walking through a 21 day juice fast and now an all raw diet of fruits and vegetables for 2 weeks. 

It's amazing how much deeper change can be when you truly give it to The Lord in the process and when the person helping carry you through that process is also doing the same thing. 

I have known Lynn, (Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner) my whole life. Having watched her go through her significant amount of health issues through the years, and now seeing her significant amount of gained health, is what convinced me to let her take me on this journey.  It just made sense in my core. 

If I hadn't been able to watch Lynn gain such a significant amount of health that she had never had the joy of experiencing before... Then there is no logical reason as to why I wouldn't be able to as well, with her guidance. 

So here I am! Day 29. I still remember when she first said the words "... The juice fast is 21 days". My gut sank and I thought " OH MY GOSH, I CAN'T DO THAT!!! AHHHHH". Then I remembered thinking, "well, she did and look where she is Lindsey". 

Don't run away from this... is all I could think. Take it one day at a time, give it to The Lord. 

I also thought, no matter how "inconvenient" socially, physically, mentally and financially this may seem, none of it would be any more "inconvenient" than what my current ailments are already causing! 

The main difference? This had an opportunity towards health in all aspects of my life! I am, day 29. I am getting responses from family and friends such as:
 "you look so much healthier", 
"how much weight have you lost?", 
"it's good to see you smiling", 
"I'm really proud of you!", 
" your skin looks so much better". 

And most recently from my doctor- I don't have to check in for 3 months and I got to drop two of my medications! 

My doctor has been an integral part of my health as well, and a huge part of that is because she is willing to listen to what I say and apply her knowledge along with what I let her know Lynn is doing with me. She is allowing the two to work together and is incredibly supportive of true health, not just pushing one way or another. For that I am very thankful. 

This is a big accomplishment! It wasn't that way from day 1 however. There weren't necessarily negative responses as much as there was concern that I wouldn't be getting protein (which as I learned I would be getting plenty through most all vegetables, as I learned kale has 4.47 gms of protein per 2 cups). 

There was concern of the cost (which as I experienced, I spent the same if not less, it just felt more because I bought it all at once). 

There was concern I would be hungry, which I learned I was never hungry and I was actually receiving more nutrients. 

All I felt was cravings and an adjustment to habits. It has been a neat experience to not only prove all these things wrong to myself but to also see those around me become believers of the process as they have seen me transform in all aspects of my life and as I'm continuing to do so.

In have lost 20lbs, 22inches all around, my skin is clearing up, I don't remember the last migraine I had, I'm not bloated and swollen, I'm clear minded, I'm motivated, I have energy, I don't NEED coffee nor do I even crave to drink it anymore- just every now and then as I please, I breath without as much difficulty, my allergies subsided, I'm more confident, I'm happier... The list goes on. 

Yes, I am still taking many medications - and the two concepts are working very well together. With just the various medications in the past 12 years I have never felt this good since my health started becoming an issue. I have tried LOTS of medications and spent lots of money and time on doctor appointments.

I even had surgery for my endometriosis over a year ago, which made improvement but without Lynn's help with the use of Reflexology, Young Living Essential Oils and Lights,  I would have still had significant pain recovering. I started without her help after surgery and all that got me was moving like a turtle. Her knowledge helped relieve any residual pain I still had and allowed me to cope. 

It also started moving me toward the process of where I'm at now, day 29 of RAW eating and the best health I've felt in over 12 years.

It feels AMAZING to start seeing myself again, having a personality and a desire to do things... And to NOT be in PAIN every single day. I have JOY.

I wouldn't take what I've experienced away because it has made me who I am and drawn me closer to The Lord. It's made me more humble and have a deep compassion for anyone in pain. Now, I pray I will be able to help others feel HOPE even amidst weariness. 

I've been there, I didn't always believe Lynn when she said these actions would help me in such a deep and real way. I wasn't always strong enough to deal with the detox which would lead to health. But, now that I am this far, I wouldn't take this away for a million dollars. No amount  of money can take away quality of life and joy! When pain (detox) is leading toward health it is so much easier to deal with because one knows there is an end point. Before, pain was so hard to deal with because I never knew if there would ever be another way of life...

Lynn is an incredibly talented reflexologist and holistic health coach along with many other certifications. She has given me hope when everyone else made me feel like it was in my head or that it was something I just had to learn to cope with. 

They didn't all mean to, but when you aren't dealing with chronic issues it is hard to understand and I don't hold it against anyone. I'm so incredibly thankful for this journey and life change she is taking me on! There truly are not words to describe it. 

I used to have daily tears of fatigue and weariness. Now I have moments of tears that are of joy and relief. There were days I never thought a healthy me would come, but I hoped... The Lord has blessed me with this new life and I plan to grab a hold of it and enjoy every moment while not forgetting the journey that has taken me here.

Thank you Lynn Joy for starting me on a whole new way of life, a life of health in all aspects- mentally, physically and spiritually. 

The Lord has given you an incredible gift, THANKS FOR SHARING!! I love you!

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