Friday, February 22, 2013

Juice Fast cleanse - end of day 13

Today is the end of day 13 on my Daniel Fast, a juice fast through lent.  I am not following the Daniel Fast as they have it set but I am following that bible study.

I have not found it hard at all.  It seems that my body is beginning to detox this week.  I have plenty of energy, and actually have to make myself make the evening juice as most of the day I am not hungry.

I am encouraged to know that I CAN do this and God will keep me close and help my body cleanse and restore my health.

In my juice fast journey, I am learning much about me, my body and the organs in my body that are needing detox.  This week my liver is burning so know that detox is occurring within my liver.  Using a coffee enema helps the body to do deeper liver cleanse and will hopefully assist my body in cleansing the liver as needed.

I am not at a point were I am saying I am ready to come out of the juice fast.  So know that I am doing well.  I have a good amount of energy, in fact more energy than normal.  My joints are feeling better with less pain.

Tomorrow I will be skiing and it will be interesting to see how my energy level stays.  It may be that I will need additional juice.  

2 weeks down, and 5 weeks left to go.

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