Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My 49 day Juice Fast

My 49 day juice fast

I am on a 49 day juice fast. I decided to do a juice fast to help my liver which I damaged this summer by bruising it very bad in a fall I had. I hadn't realized what I had done until I had blood work done in November, but it all made sense with all that I had been experiencing from July - November.

In that blood work my liver enzymes were 170!!! High is suppose to be no higher than 35. Interestingly the Dr assumed I was taking increased amounts of Tylenol products and that was why... hUmmmm... I don't take Tylenol BECAUSE I know it is not good for the body and especially not good for the liver. So second the Dr assumed that it was because of increased stress. I then expressed, "wow, I didn't realize that stress in the body can also affect the liver". Dr said, "it can't but when adults are stressed they tend to drink more." HuMMMMMM BUT Dr. I don't drink... I MIGHT have a couple sips of wine once a year MAYBE. AND have never drank. To that Dr said, "well we will test again in 4 months."

So since the fall in July, my body has not been responding to me and has been reacting negatively (now I know why). So I have taken the bull by the horns and am going to tackle this with a raw juice fast.

I am now on day 10. I have to say the first three days were intense. And on day 3 I wanted to chew some nuts or something. Even a great Kale salad. But I pushed through. Come day 7 and I felt clearer minded.

I know that through this my body is going to be detoxing. As it already has been. And those detoxing times can be emotional and physical. It will be cleansing in all body, spirit and mind.

Through this experience I will be able to help coach others to a deeper level if they desire.

In the end I will have a blood test done and we will see how my liver is doing then.

I will Break my Juice Fast Easter Sunday. I already am planning my meal. I have found several Raw Food recipes that I am going to try. I will share those when I am eating them. ;o)
 I will be posting how it is going...  So far good.  

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