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Scars, Gangrene, and LIVING Essential OIls for healing

"Scar-B-Gone" Essential Oil Recipe as Formulated by D. Gary Young.

Scar-B-Gone Recipe (mix in the order given)

10 drops helichrysum

6 drops lavender
8 drops lemongrass
4 drops patchouli
5 dros myrrh
1 ounce V-6

This formula is credited to D. Gary Young and was made available to the public by Nancy Sanderson from Wyoming, Gary's Sister. Regarding the individual oils comprising the Scar-Be-Gone formula, Myrrh has been used to heal scar tissue (including abdominal stretch marks after giving birth) since Biblical Times and before.

Lavender oil has been known to heal gangrene, as it did in the case of Rene Gattefosse, PhD, the chemist who rediscovered the healing properties of essential oils in the early 20th century and who coined the term, "Aromatherapy." Lavender oil healed Dr. Gattefosse's rapidly developing gas gangrene resulting from a severe burn by an accident in his laboratory.

Gangrene is dead, or nearly dead, tissue that turns black and crusty from lack of circulation caused by a wound or burn. "Gas gangrene" is gangrene that has become infected with bacteria.

Application of Lavender oil has also been reported to save a leg when doctors were about to amputate due to gangrene. The progressive decay of live tissues from gangrene generates strong toxins that can cause death to the individual if the toxins begin to circulate through the the rest of the body. That is why doctors almost always prescribe amputation for a gangrenous limb. Application of Lavender oil is a better alternative and leaves the patient intact.

Scar-Be-Gone, which contains Lavender Oil, is an even stronger, more effective blend than any of its constituent oils alone.

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