Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Walk To Health - Healthy Change Tip #2


Walk To Health - Healthy Change Tip #2

 There are steps we can all take to help us walk to a healthier us.  I want to help you take some of those steps.  

Take each step and work with it for a few weeks.  


The Second step is SALT.  Our bodies need salt.  But what we don't need is sodium.  What is the difference?  LOTS.  Table salt is SODIUM, stripped of all trace minerals.  ALL 83 of them.  Just like all elements in the world of chemistry, if you remove elements, you change the composition of that element.  When you strip the 83 essential minerals from salt, you have sodium.  Which is not healthy for our bodies.  

For this change, you have to watch everything you eat.  But the thing I want you to do, is eliminate all the "salt", table salt from your home.  You need to find and purchase UNrefined salt.  That means that the essential minerals are still in it.  There is one product in most stores called "Real Salt".  It is mined from the salt mines in Utah.  You can read on the back of the label.  Here is the link for their site: https://redmond.life/collections/real-salt.  

Sea Salt is no longer unrefined salt.  So don't be fooled by that.  If the only ingredient is sodium, then you know you have the refined product.  Typically a Himalayan Salt will be unrefined.  But you have to be careful.  

If you are craving salt, it could be you are in need of the 83 essential minerals in real salt, that are not present in sodium, table salt.  

This is a very major and very important change.  If you ever do a Holistic Health Consultations with me this will be one of the changes you will be changing. 


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