Monday, April 10, 2023

Want a Healthier YOU? Walk To Health with Lynn

 It has been a long time since I have posted here.  I am going to start posting again here as I am reorganizing my Walk To Health business.

I was certified in 2013, already 10 years ago, as a Holistic Health Coach.  I love helping people gain a healthier life.  Over the years it has been wonderful helping, guiding and transforming people to "walk to health"

Through my walk to gain education and share that knowledge, I have found products and tests that help me get my clients to a new level of health with proof.  

 In the next posts I will be sharing with you a new way to help transform your body and cells to help you gain health.  I am starting to schedule appointments with clients to talk through the testing process for your body and then follow up in 5 months to see if there is more balance.  The reason for 5 months is that our cells regenerate at the basic cells every 4-6 months.  

If you are looking for a healthier you, please reach out to me via text - 503-758-0118  - 

Subject line - Walk To Health Consultation - Testing - Solution - Testing.  

Please add your name.   

I will reach out to you and we will find a time to schedule our consultation.  The consultation for Testing - Solution - Testing is Free for the first consult.

I look forward to helping you Walk To Health!


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