Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Walk To Health - Healthy Change Tip #3


Walk To Health - Healthy Change Tip #3

 There are steps we can all take to help us walk to a healthier us.  I want to help you take some of those steps.  

Take each step and work with it for a few weeks.  

STEP #3 - Fats

Remove all vegetable fats from your diet.  Change to Cold Pressed Olive oil and Coconut Oil.  Changing these flavors takes time.  Remember, take a few weeks for each change.  You want it to be a life change.  Not a temporary change.

This is a very major and very important change.  If you ever do a Holistic Health Consultations with me this will be one of the changes you will be changing.  

When you have completed these three changes, text me and let me know if you have noticed any health changes.  I would love to walk with you to additional changes. 


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