Saturday, March 16, 2013

My 49 Day Juice Fast - Day 35

Well today is the end of week 5 of my juice fast.  My liver seems to be responding more.  Though I am still getting pain in my liver.  This week I began using Helichrysm essential oil. I have felt that it has helped.  But I ran out and won't get my next shipment for a month.  But I am now using the Juva Flex essential oil.  Hoping that I will get the same result.

I went skiing yesterday so with the juice I actually feel better and with more energy that other times.  My joints don't seem to ache as much now and my skin seems to be looking healthier.

There are 2 weeks left to my fast and I know I will make it.  I love my morning green drink with my home made Kombucha and spirulina and loads of other great things.  My night drink of veggies I have really messed up sometimes but for the most part I like it too.

There are loads of raw food recipes I am excited to use when I am done.  As I look to go on with a raw food diet for 3 months after the juice fast.  So I will be writing about that once I am done with the fast on March 31.  Easter Sunday I will be preparing a raw food meal.  I am so excited about that.

I pray blessings on you.  If you would like to learn more about how you can regain your health, remove dis-ease from your body, check out my Certified Health Coach site, or go to my Scheduling site and book your FREE 50 minute Holistic Health History consultation.

To ease your mind - YOU don't have to do a juice fast, that is just something that I wanted to do to speed my up in it's healing process.  Everyone is bio-individual and I would help you figure out what is the right method for you. 

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  1. Really excited to hear more about your raw food diet as well. We're just now getting better at eating "healthier" on a more common level. Maybe someday it will move along that far. One step at a time!