Saturday, September 7, 2013

Reflexology - Holistic Health - Essential Oils - Real Food Supplements - Group sessions

Wow... that is a lot to try to understand.  This is what I do...

I am a Reflexologist.  So that means I work on the reflex points on your feet, hands, ears.  Mainly I work on your feet.  You don't come to me because your feet hurt.  That is not what I do.  Although your feet may hurt because something in your body is not working as it should. 

I work on the feet to help your body to heal and clear up 'clogged' points of health in your body.  Have you ever questioned when you cut yourself that the cut would heal?  There is a lot we take for granted that our bodies do, but then we forget that our bodies can do so much to stay healthy when given the right 'tools' to do so.  So me working on your feet will help your body to 'get right'.  The process may sometimes be slow, but that is how our bodies work.

Helping people gain health by way of Reflexology is rewarding.  But then the old issue may come up again so then they think that Reflexology did nothing to help.  When in reality, what you do after the appointment is important.  If you go and do the 'same ole same ole', your body is going to go back to the same point of ill health. 

That is why I studied with IIN to become a Holistic Health Practitioner on top of Reflexology.

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner. I want to help you gain whole health.  So yes, reflexology can help you on many levels, but all the other things that go on with your body need guidance too, to get to that level of health you desire and stay there and even continue to gain more and more health over time. 

I am Certified with Essential Oils and a Supplement specialist.  Our bodies are amazing and can heal, given the right food.  God's medicine is the whole food's He gave us in the real form He gave them to us, and the Living Essential Oils in nature He gave us too.  Since we have been driven away from 'real food' and really eat more 'Food Like Substances', and even our real food has been nutritionally depleted, I have a line of NON-Synthetic Real Food supplements.  The main product is our Ambrotose - the food for our cells, 8 glyconutrients. 

So how is it I help you now.  I like to approach you and what you might be dealing with on a whole person level.  Each of the 4 parts I offer, Reflexology, Holistic Health, Living Essential Oils and Real Food Supplements are what I have put together to guide you to living healthier, feeling better, healing. 

We can "WalkToHealth(with)me" together.  And one step at a time get you closer to your health goals. 

If you have a group of 10 -20 people who desire being healthier, happier, and to get off some prescriptions over time, contact me.  I have a 6 month program that I offer.  We would meet 2 times a month for 90 minutes as a group for 6 months.  This program can be done via internet, or in person if you are in my area.  But we can do this together no matter where you live.

I integrate much of what I do in all that I do with you.  Go to my booking site to get an idea of what I offer and schedule your treatment today.  The holistic group sessions are not listed on that page.  Those are scheduled separate from that calendar on a group by group time set. is also on Facebook.  Like my page!

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